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Kanye West did not tell Kim Kardashian to "stop looking cheap" after she stepped out in a number of eye-catching outfits in Miami, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk this provably false story. West actually expressed his approval of Kardashian's wardrobe by posting about it multiple times on Twitter.

"No More Neon! Kanye Tells Wife Kim To Stop 'Cheap' Looks," blares a headline from RadarOnline. The site claims West told Kardashian she was "'looking cheap' while having fun in the sun and urged her to get back to classy, stat." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kanye told Kim that she was looking cheap and trashy while vacationing in Miami."

Continues this untraceable insider, "He is so controlling over Kim's image and was urging her to start looking classy again because he could not take her new image." The website's alleged tipster goes on to contend that Kardashian told her husband she was just "experimenting," but "he was not having any of it." Maintains this supposed snitch, "Kanye said she is a mother of three and needs to start acting like it."

Actually, less than a week ago West posted on a Twitter a photo of Kardashian baring her derriere in a thong bikini bottom, and captioned it with fire emojis, as well as the emoji of the smiley with the tongue sticking out. Clearly, he is not objecting to her dressing in risque styles, despite being a "mother of three."

Additionally, he has also shown support for her skin-tight neon looks. The same day as he posted the aforementioned photo, West also shared on Twitter a video of Kardashian exiting a car in a metallic silver dress with a neon wig that matched the color of her rental vehicle. "When you get the outerwear to match the hair," he tweeted. And then on Monday, after the couple stepped out for 2 Chainz's nuptials, West posted a Twitter photo of himself and Kardashian in their wedding attire. The reality star wore a neon green gown, with which the rapper coordinated by picking a light mint suit.

If West was so unhappy with Kardashian's fashion choices, why did he post about them on social media three separate times? Unsurprisingly, the website doesn't mention any of the performer's Twitter comments, likely because they undermine the whole premise of its story. Apparently the outlet rather fans believe its unidentifiable "source" than West himself. But given that this is the same publication that told readers more than a year ago that Kardashian and West were separated, RadarOnline doesn't have credibility to fall back on.

Conclusion: The site alleges West disapproved of Kardashian's "looks" while in Miami, but he shared photos and video of her outfits on Twitter, expressing approval for each of them. Gossip Cop is putting more value in this proof from West himself than the evidence-free story from the blog, which relies on a single anonymous "source." And while West's own comments are enough to prove this tale is false, Gossip Cop also spoke with the music star's rep, who confirms on the record that the narrative is made-up and untrue. "It's ridiculous," adds the spokesperson.

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Kanye West told Kim Kardashian to stop looking cheap.
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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