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Kanye West is forcing Kim Kardashian to quit her family's reality show and go on the road preaching with him? That's the outrageous story in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and found it totally false.

Star published the story under the bold headline, "Kanye's Ultimatum: It's Me Or The Show!" The outlet says West is no longer content keeping his preaching to his Sunday Services alone, and although the idea of leaving Los Angeles makes Kardashian "shudder," the rapper is pushing for his family to abandon the coast. "In Kanye's mind, his family will never be fully content or spiritually fulfilled until they leave LA and take to the open road to preach," says an alleged source.

"These are incredibly exciting times for Kanye," adds the anonymous insider, before the article takes a turn to discuss West's recent real estate purchases in Wyoming. "Kim had a hard time traveling to Wyoming. That irked Kanye, who thought she would have made more effort to immerse herself in the state where he feels most spiritually at home."

"It's an issue that's festered," the unknown source continues, "and now it's going to get even more intense, with Kanye wanting to uproot their whole structure and way of life." The rapper's main goal, the source claims, is to "grow the 'Kimye' brand to a global audience."

"He says the sky's the limit because this is his calling," the suspicious insider continues. The tabloid acknowledges the fact that Kardashian has been nothing but supportive of West's religious endeavors, but blows past reality to assert that she's actually fed up. "She does want the marriage to work, but there's no way she could leave her comfort zone — or family — in LA," the tipster adds. "It's simply not an option to up and leave for an indefinite period."

Then, the outlet entirely backs off of its headline to clarify that West may possibly consider using an ultimatum to convince his wife to make the move, but that he hasn't issued one yet. "Kim loves what Kanye's trying to achieve but wants a balance," the insider concludes. "It doesn't seem that's enough for him, though, because once he's got his mind set on something, it has to be all or nothing — his way or the highway."

The whole article is a classic example of the tabloids publishing an eye-catching and dramatic headline on their cover, only to walk it back with pure speculation and conjecture. In this case, the outlet can't even decide as to whether or not West wants to "take to the open road" or call it quits and move the family to Wyoming. It never refers to West's feelings about Keeping Up with the Kardashians, mentions the show by name or clarifies how giving up one of the most popular shows on air would actually grow the Kardashian-West brand. The magazine simply wanted a punchy title for its lackluster and baseless piece. Gossip Cop reached out to West's rep, who tells us on the record that the magazine's article is "nonsense."

Ever since West bought the Wyoming properties, the tabloids have been using it as fodder for stories about he and Kardashian fighting. Just two months ago, Gossip Cop debunked a similar story from In Touch, Star's sister publication, about Kris Jenner forbidding Kardashian from moving to Wyoming with West. As we pointed out in that bust, Kardashian actually loved visiting Wyoming and referred to it as one of the most beautiful places she's seen, so there's no basis to the claims that she "had a hard time" visiting the state. The reality star also put the brakes on any rumors about the couple moving by saying they plan to spend weekends and holidays in the state, but their home will remain in California.

Gossip Cop previously called out Star in January for its bogus piece about Kardashian giving West an ultimatum of either checking into a psych ward or getting divorced. In September 2018, we debunked the outlet's claims about West and Kardashian fighting over homeschooling their children. The tabloid should probably focus more on fact-checking and less on creating salacious headlines.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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