Kanye West ‘Dumped’ Kim Kardashian, Moving To Chicago With Son Saint?

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Kanye West Kim Kardashian Saint

By Andrew Shuster |

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Saint

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Kanye West “dumped” Kim Kardashian and plans to move to Chicago with their 2-year-old son Saint. The claim is provably untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Last month, the rapper announced he’s moving from Los Angeles to Chicago and relocating his Yeezy offices there as well. According to NW, West made the decision because he and Kardashian are “secretly separated.” The magazine goes on to say the rapper told his wife that he wants their son Saint to live with him full-time, while she cares for their two daughters in LA.

“This is her worst nightmare come true,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “She can’t handle a weekend without her kids. And if a divorce does go ahead, there might be a custody battle over Saint.” The outlet’s supposed source continues, “Kanye’s closest to Saint, he’s his daddy and he says boys need their fathers. But Kim doesn’t like him jetting off to places without her.”

The “insider” adds that Kardashian plans to fight her husband on his plan to take their son to Chicago because “she thinks the kids – all three of them – need to be with their mom.” The suspicious tipster further alleges that the reality star believes her husband is erratic and doesn’t trust him to care for their son alone. “Kim’s got to be worried something drastic may happen. if she’s not around,” adds the questionable source. “She just wants her baby boy home with her.”

However, the tabloid’s bogus article is poorly timed. On Monday night, Kardashian posted an Instagram photo in which she’s gazing at her husband in admiration while he has a big smile on his face. The reality star added the caption, “We Got Love.” It’s very clear there’s be no separation.

Instead, the outlet seems to have concocted its story because West had a father-son weekend with Saint in Chicago last month. At one point during the trip, the rapper took the little boy to the Sugar Factory and treated him to a plateful of candy. West shared a photo of the outing on Twitter, prompting Kardashian to humorously respond, “Ummm what is our son eating for dinner?!?!” The reality star was obviously poking fun at the idea of West feeding their son candy when she’s not around. The idea that she doesn’t trust her husband around their kid is absurd.

Regardless, West and Kardashian haven’t split and they’re not headed for a custody battle over their son. Although it’s true that West is moving to Chicago, People magazine reported that his wife will remain with their three kids in LA, but “plans on spending more time” there with him.

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Kanye West dumped Kim Kardashian and is moving to Chicago with their son Saint.


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