Kanye West NOT Gaining “Sympathy Weight,” Despite Report (PHOTO)

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Kanye West Sympathy Weight Kim Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Sympathy Weight Kim Kardashian

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Kanye West is NOT gaining “sympathy weight,” despite a new report falsely claiming he’s “pigging out” and “packing on pounds during Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.” Gossip Cop can correct the misleading story.

The allegations come from RadarOnline, which posted “then” and “now’ photos of West that, frankly, don’t show him looking much different. Nevertheless, the webloid asserts the rapper has “gained at least 15 pounds,” and is “carrying extra weight right now because he’s got a baby on the way.” By way of explanation, a so-called “family insider” says, “He’s had to be a lot more hands-on with North as Kim[’s] pregnancy progresses so he’s definitely cut back on his workout regime.

The outlet’s supposed source even claims North “has him pigging out on her favorite sweet treats alongside her.” Conveniently, the “family insider” adds that West is “not that worried about the weight gain. It happened during North’s pregnancy as well. He knows it’s going to be all-systems-go for a strict diet and exercise regime in their house a week after his son arrives.”

Here’s what’s REALLY going on: RadarOnline KNOWS there’s no issue with West’s weight, but the site wanted to run a sensational headline and pair it with a photo gallery to increase clicks. And yet, all the pictures show is West wearing the slightly-baggy shirts he’s usually prefers, and looking pretty much the same as always. In fact, in new photos that can be found online, the star looks remarkably thin.

RadarOnline has a rich history of trying to exploit West, such as when it falsely claimed earlier this year that Kardashian was worried he had a secret “love child.” Enough is enough.


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