Was Kanye West "begging" Kim Kardashian to stop getting any more cosmetic surgeries after their eldest daughter mistook the nanny for her mother? One tabloid reported this was the case. Gossip Cop looked into the story and discovered several flaws.

“My Kids Don’t Recognize Me!” read the headline of this shameful NW article. After several incidents where West and Kardashian’s daughter North supposedly didn’t recognize her own mother, West was “begging” his wife to “ease up on the surgery.” The outlet even went as far as to say that the couple’s “kidlets are finding it hard to differentiate their mum from other celebs” after her “latest face lift” according to the so-called sources who spoke with the trashy tabloid.

It’s not just other celebrities that young North, only 6 years old, mistook for her mother. The publication insisted that North had begun “calling her nanny ‘Mom,’” which was the last straw for West. “The wake-up moment came when North was recently flipping through photos in a magazine and asked who a lady was — it was Kim!” a supposed source explained. “That along with North mistaking her nanny for her mom got Kanye so freaked out.”

Even though “Kanye still fancies Kim rotten,” he’s allegedly said that Kardashian’s “obsession with nips and tucks has gotten way out of hand.” Unnaturally, since this source is supposedly close enough to the couple to know about incidents that happen inside their house, the “insider” added, “Now the rapper is staging an intervention. He’s putting his foot down and saying no more butt jobs, slimming treatments, or Botox.” Though the so-called source doesn’t elaborate on Kardashian’s reaction to her husband telling her “enough is enough,” but the outlet contended that “giving up her beloved cosmetic tweaks will be tough for Kimmy.” Gossip Cop found several red flags within this story that makes us doubt its authenticity.

The language used by this so-called “insider” is extremely unnatural, especially when they refer to Kanye West as “the rapper.” Think about it. If you know someone who’s a baker, do you refer to him as “the baker?” Or would you simply call him by his name? The quote from the “insider” seems like something a writer would come up with to keep from using the same phrase over and over. If it was truly a friend, or even an acquaintance, of either Kardashian or West, this person would refer to West either by his name or by a nickname. Referring to him by his profession proves this person wasn’t nearly as close to the family as they claimed. This source also knew that North found an old picture of Kardashian in a magazine, but which magazine? Which photo? How old was this magazine? All these unanswered questions just made Gossip Cop doubt this story more.

It should also be noted again that North is only 6 years old. It’s incredibly common for kids that age, and even older, to accidentally refer to their teachers, coaches, and other authority figures as “mom” or “dad,” let alone a maternal figure like a nanny. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s happened to most people at some point or another. That doesn’t seem like something that would “freak out” a parent to this extreme. That’s why Gossip Cop decided to rank this story as mostly false. If West did ask his wife to cut down on her cosmetic procedures, it’s highly unlikely that he would do so in front of a witness, especially one who might run and tattle to a tabloid.

This is far from the first time NW has reported fraudulent information about Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. Late last year, the outlet claimed that West was disowning his youngest two children, Chicago and Psalm, because they were born via a surrogate. Gossip Cop found that this was untrue. Earlier this year, the same tabloid bizarrely reported that West was a “doomsday” prepper who planned to repopulate the world with his and Kardashian’s children. This was far too nonsensical to be believed, which Gossip Cop didn’t. We called this outlet out for spreading misinformation.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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