Kanye West Has NOT “Dumped” Kim Kardashian: Divorce Report Is False

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Kanye West Dumped Kim Kardashian

By Daniel Gates |

Kanye West Dumped Kim Kardashian

(In Touch)

Kanye West has not “dumped” Kim Kardashian, despite a new In Touch cover story repeating old In Touch lies. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

“They didn’t even make it to one year!” announces the tabloid, which claims the West-Kardashian marriage exploded “after their worst fight ever.” Except there’s nothing new here. It’s the same standard magazine filler about the couple allegedly fighting over spending time apart, expanding their family, West allegedly micromanaging Kardashian, her distress over possibly being divorced for a third time, and so on.

According to the outlet, “Kanye seems to care more about having another baby — and lording over Kim’s looks and life — than he does about fixing their broken marriage.” A source tells the magazine that Kardashian is “incredibly unhappy. She never thought she’d feel this alone.” It’s predictable, because it’s all been said before.

Way before West and Kardashian married, In Touch was spreading bogus stories about the couple. The frenzy of rumors only increased after the stars tied the knot. Last July, the magazine ran a cover story claiming West and Kardashian were getting divorced after 58 days of marriage. In October, In Touch published another cover proclaiming there was a “divorce battle over baby North.”

A month later, the outlet made up a report about Kardashian being “pregnant and dumped.” A month after that, in December, came a cover story declaring that she had filed “divorce papers” after six months of marriage. There was yet another “divorce court” cover story just before the New Year, and a “divorce lawyer” cover story in February.

We couldn’t make up this laughable a track record for a tabloid if we tried. In Touch has been running slightly different versions of the same “divorce” story almost since West and Kardashian got married. This latest report is just more of the same. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the new In Touch cover story is “100 percent false.”


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