HollywoodLife Makes Up Fake News About Kanye West, Donald Trump

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Kanyv West Donald Trump Fake News

By Shari Weiss |

Kanyv West Donald Trump Fake News

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HollywoodLife is in the business of fake news. The site takes a hot topic, and manufactures related articles about it. That’s why, in the last few weeks and days, the webloid has been caught making up stories about Kanye West and Donald Trump.

Last month, for instance, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLies for seemingly fabricating a story about West wanting to design Melania Trump a dress for the upcoming presidential inauguration. More recently, following their controversial meeting earlier this week, it was wrongly alleged West might actually be performing at the inauguration. Now there’s another egregious example we’d like to call to attention.

The headline of this “exclusive” reads, “Kanye West Filmed Surprise Meeting With Trump: Will It Be Featured On ‘KUWTK’?” The bad blogs claims it “EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kanye West taped his 15-minute meeting with the President-Elect, Dec. 13, inside Trump Tower,” and ridiculously asks, “Could Donald Trump be joining season 13 of ‘KUWTK’?”

“Kanye filmed his meeting with Donald Trump since he has been documenting mostly everything going on in his life for the last several years for a future documentary,” a purported “source” claims to the widely discredited outlet. It’s said West had a “camera crew” with him, and the supposed snitch goes on to further allege, “Producers of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ already plan on discussing with Kanye about using his footage in an episode of the E! reality show.”

But buried at the end of the third paragraph is this: “We need to note, while our source said that portions of Kanye’s visit to Trump Tower were filmed, a rep for Donald EXCLUSIVELY told us that ‘there were no cameras in the meeting.'” In other words, despite point-blank stating in the headline that West “filmed [his] surprise meeting with Trump,” and also writing that West “taped his 15-minute meeting,” a rep has actually gone on record to say the exact opposite, proving HollywoodLies’ own claims to be false.

And yet no reader would know that from the webloid’s headline or the way its story is set up. It was purposefully designed to mislead people. Instead of straight-up offering the truth, the disreputable site chose to craft its piece in a deceptive way.

That only adds to the copious amounts of fake news plaguing both the political and entertainment worlds right now. And the outlet is seemingly only doing this to game Google and score traffic by appearing to have original information. But its insight usually amounts to noting more than fake news. While the folks at HollywoodLies could have good careers as creative fiction writers, for now they remain an embarrassment to the journalism world.

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