Kanye West Countersued Over Canceled Tour

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Kanye West Countersued Lloyds London

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Countersued Lloyds London

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Kanye West is facing a countersuit over his canceled “Saint Pablo Tour,” weeks after he sued his concert insurer for failing to pay him for the axed shows. Now Lloyd’s Of London is firing back with a lawsuit of its own.

As Gossip Cop reported, West filed a $10 million suit against Lloyd’s in late July, claiming the insurance company has refused to pay him and his touring company, Very Good Touring, Inc., in the more than eight months since the tour was called off due to his mental breakdown. The complaint argued that West provided the necessary documentation and testimony for his insurance policy to be carried out, and claimed the insurer was “stalling” and looking for reasons not to pay, such as blaming the rapper’s health woes on his supposed marijuana use. He sued on grounds of breach of contract, as well as breach of good faith and dealing.

Now Lloyd’s has filed its counterclaims, in which it is alleged West has not, in fact, been forthcoming with relevant information or explained “irregularities” in his medical history. The company argues that the performer’s insurance policy has exclusions tied to pre-existing medical conditions, excessive alcohol use, possession of illegal drugs, and prescription drug abuse, all clauses he supposedly violated. But “in order to protect the privacy of Mr. West from public disclosure,” there is no mention of specific drugs or specific evidence provided to support the alleged violations.

Still, Lloyd’s wants a judge to rule that they are not legally bound to fulfill the contract because West didn’t actually trigger any of the pay-out clauses and instead only met the excluded conditions. As Gossip Cop previously reported, last November the National Enquirer claimed West’s hospitalization was due to drugs and alcohol, not mental health issues. His rep, however, exclusively told us the allegations were “ridiculous” and noted West has “never been a drug user.” And in his lawsuit, he actually accused Lloyd’s of “planting” negative information about him to help get out of its financial responsibility. Gossip Cop has reached out to a spokesperson for comment on the countersuit.

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