Kanye West is not filming an African-American version of "Celebrity Apprentice," despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this seemingly made-up claim. We're told there's no such show in the works.

According to the National Enquirer, "West wants to follow in President Donald Trump's footsteps, with his own version of 'Celebrity Apprentice.'" The supermarket tabloid claims "sources" say (in unison), "Kanye thinks now is the right time for the show to return." The same supposed "sources" all add, "Kanye's been soft-pitching the idea of an African-America version of 'Celebrity Apprentice' to several networks, and there's a lot of interest."

The exact same story, which was repurposed by the often inaccurate blog, Naughty Gossip, alleges "sources" further maintain West wants Trump's "blessing" to shoot the new show because he "thinks now is the right time" for it to have a reboot. The site also contends that West will be "stepping into the big shoes left by The President" as its host. At least the outlet acknowledges in its piece that Trump neither has the rights to the competition series nor has any say in who hosts it.

Putting aside the claim was published by a tabloid and repeated by an untrustworthy blog, the first clue that the story was (poorly) fabricated is that "sources" don't all say the same phrases at the same time. Additionally, while the outlets assert West thinks now is the right time" for "Celebrity Apprentice" to come back, no reasons are given why. And if West were pitching networks, this news would have been reported by trade publications, not by two repeatedly discredited outlets, and at least one or two of those networks would've been named. Glaringly, there are no specific details in the articles, such as who the prospective apprentices would be, and that's because the entire premise was concocted.

It appears the story was manufactured after West met with Trump in the White House earlier this month, during which the performer discussed pretty much everything that came to his mind, including mental health, racism, and tax and prison reform. Actually, one of the few things that wasn't talked about was West wanting to do an African-American version of "Celebrity Apprentice." In the past, however, the only footsteps of Trump that the rapper has mentioned following is West wanting to run for president in 2024. And rather than working on a supposed new version of "Celebrity Apprentice," shortly after his White House meeting, West went to Uganda to record new music.

Of course, this is all coming from the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted when it contradictorily and wrongly reported last year that West was stepping away from the spotlight. It's also the same outlet that falsely claimed West was building an Oval Office in his home. Much like those absurd stories, we're told by a source close to the singer that the latest tale about him rebooting "Celebrity Apprentice" is also incorrect. Gossip Cop has also reached out to his rep for an official comment and will update.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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