Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner “Surrogate Mom” Claim NOT True

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Kanye West Caitlyn Jenner

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Caitlyn Jenner

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Kanye West is NOT using Caitlyn Jenner as his “surrogate mom,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct the story, which comes from a webloid repeatedly caught publishing untrue tales about both stars.

We’re talking about the dubious RadarOnline, which is announcing in a headline, “Caitlyn Jenner Plays Surrogate Mom To Suffering Kanye West.” According to the article, the rapper “has been leaning on Caitlyn Jenner in lieu of a parental figure in his life.” It’s even said he’s “much closer” to the transgender star than mother-in-law Kris.

“Kanye’s really bonded with Caitlyn,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, alleging Jenner has been “very involved” in West’s recovery since his hospitalization last November. “They speak two or three times a day. She’s really stepped in and filled an empty gap in his heart.”

The webloid goes on to note, “Surprisingly, West and the former ‘I Am Cait’ star have quite a few of the same viewpoints, including on politics.” In fact, its alleged tipster contends, “It was Caitlyn who convinced him of Donald Trump’s merits.”

But Gossip Cop looked into these allegations, and a rep for Jenner exclusively tells us there’s “no truth” to them. That’s not surprising considering RadarOnline is the same outlet that has wrongly claimed Jenner is having a baby via surrogate. Apparently the site is a fan of that concept. Facts and truth-telling, though? Not so much.

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