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Kanye West and Caitlyn Jenner have not "become a couple," despite a suggestive new report. This fake news story claims the pair are both "kooky Kardashian castoffs" who have turned to "each other for support." But Gossip Cop can bust the claims, which are reminiscent of an article we already debunked.

According to the National Enquirer, West has "found support in another 'bad boy,'" which is said to be Jenner, even though she identifies as female and it's unclear what makes her "bad." The supermarket tabloid then alleges "recent events have drawn the odd couple together." The repeated use of the word "couple" is designed to make readers think there is a romantic component to their dynamic. But the contentions are really just about a deepening friendship.

"Cait is the only one on Planet Kardashian who understands where Kanye is coming from," a so-called source is quoted as saying. Since West and Jenner are "both conservatives" who have been "ostracized by the rest of the family," the magazine's supposed snitch asserts they've "connected in exile." The outlet goes on to point out that West was understanding during Jenner's transition, and a purported "insider" alleges that amid the rapper's recent controversies, "Cait has never criticized Kanye or dissed him the way his rapper pals do."

The aforementioned source further contends that now that they've "reconnected," West and Jenner have been "texting and calling each other late into the night." The publication also maintains the former Olympian thinks "clicking with Kanye can help her weasel back into the family's good graces." Claims one the tipsters, "Cait sees this as an opportunity to be brought back into the fold. If she can calm Kanye down, she'll be a hero with the Kardashians."

Gossip Cop, however, already corrected the tabloid's sister outlet, OK!, for wrongly claiming last week that West and Jenner were reconnecting. Similar to now, it was alleged in that story that the duo were having "late-night chats" and "blowing up their phones at night talking." On top of a rep for Jenner exclusively telling us that it was "false" she and West were having bonding sessions, it was easy to disprove the alleged communication. One day before the report was originally published, West posted on Twitter that he "got rid" of his phone two weeks prior and was unreachable. Obviously, then, he couldn't have been spending his nights phoning with Jenner.

And the allegations aren't suddenly true just because the National Enquirer is now presenting them with new flourishes, such as the absurdity about Jenner and West becoming a "couple." The magazine also added in more untruths, as the claims West has been "exiled" and "ostracized" from the Kardashian family are easily refuted. Earlier this month, Kris Jenner defended West on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and on Thursday, Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter a tribute to West in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary. Jenner may still be on bad terms with the family, but West certainly isn't a "castoff." And neither is looking to the other for "support" regardless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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