Kanye West Wearing Bullet Proof Vest Stories Are Fake News

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Kanye West Bullet Proof

By Michael Lewittes |

Kanye West Bullet Proof

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Kanye West doesn’t wear a bullet proof vest when he goes out to dinner. It’s a fake news story that keeps coming back. Gossip Cop can exclusively report it was and remains 100 percent “untrue.”

RadarOnline asserts in a new article that West wears a bullet proof vest whenever he’s outside. But its claim from an anonymous source is riddled with holes. The webloid quotes a supposed insider as saying the rapper is convinced “he’s a target,” and that he wears the protective clothing “everyday.” Adds the site’s alleged source, West has in his mind that “people are out to get him.”

Interestingly, the outlet doesn’t mention why West believes he a possible “target,” nor does it offer who the rapper believes is “out to get him.” Allow Gossip Cop to blast this story in rapid fire. West does not wear a bullet proof vest everyday. He does not think anyone’s trying to kill him. And he has no particular reason to suspect he’s being targeted by an assassin.

Actually, Gossip Cop already shot down this fake news report when RadarOnline’s equally unreliable sister publication made the same unsubstantiated claim a little more than a week ago. Bizarrely, even though it was proven to be wrong that West wears a bullet proof vest, the webloid still posted this falsehood. Perhaps the two outlets feel that if one repeats a lie enough, people will believe it. Frankly, all one really needs to do is look at photos of West, and it should be abundantly clear he’s not protective gear under his T-shirts and hoodies.

Still, as opposed to some vague “snitch” that the others relied upon for their inaccurate information, Gossip Cop got an official statement. A rep for West exclusively assures us the assertion that West wears a bullet proof vest every time he goes out is completely “untrue.” Bang!

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