Kanye West Did NOT Say “Build The Wall, Get Rid Of Them All,” Despite Reports

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Kanye West Build Wall Donald Trump

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Build Wall Donald Trump

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Kanye West did not say “build the wall” and “get rid of them all” during his speech about Donald Trump. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the inaccurate reports.

As Gossip Cop reported, West was performing at the SAP Center in San Jose on Thursday night when he unexpectedly revealed he’s a fan of the president-elect. The rapper admitted he didn’t cast a ballot in the election, but West said he would’ve voted for Trump if he had. West also praised Trump’s “communication,” and reiterated his own interest in running for president in 2020.

But outlets like the New York Daily News are also claiming West made supportive references to Trump’s immigration plans, namely the border wall and deporting undocumented immigrants. The newspaper quotes the performer as freestyling, “I hope they build the wall, I hope they get rid of them all,” and deems it an “outrageous comment.” But there’s a reason no video has emerged showing that alleged rap.

West never said it, his rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop. Naturally, in addition to the Daily News, publications ranging from People to Mashable picked up the fake quote, which seems to have originated on Twitter. But rather than fact-checking it, these outlets decided to just copy and paste.

It’s unclear if West himself plans to clarify his remarks, and it’s worth noting his wife Kim Kardashian, and her family, supported Hillary Clinton. The music star is next slated to perform on Saturday in Sacramento.

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New York Daily News

Kanye West said “build the wall” and “get rid of them all” during his Donald Trump speech.


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