WATCH: Kanye West Jokingly Interrupts Beck At Grammys, Mocks Taylor Swift VMAs Incident — SEE VIDEO!

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Kanye West Beck Grammys

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Beck Grammys


Kanye West jokingly tried to interrupt Beck at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, a nod to his infamous stage-crashing at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Watch the videos below!

It all went down during the Album of the Year reveal in the last hour of the ceremony. Prince announced Beck’s Morning Phase as the winner, an upset in a category that was predicted to go to Beyoncé or Sam Smith. Beck headed on stage to accept the honor… unexpectedly followed by West.

The rapper headed for the mic and then smiled before walking back down to his seat. Beck seemed a bit confused, and even told West to come back, but he had already returned to his seat cracking up. Twitter immediately erupted over West mocking his own previous bad behavior.

As everyone knows, an angry West hijacked the mic from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs after she beat Beyoncé for Best Female video. Seeing as Beyoncé now lost to Beck, perhaps that was the motivation behind his decision to “pull a Kanye,” albeit lightheartedly, here. Beyoncé and husband Jay Z were sitting in the audience and appeared horrified when West first went on stage. Fearing they were about to experience a bad case of deja vu, Beyonce seemed to mouth, “Oh, no Kanye!” as Jay shook his head. They then broke into laughter when they realized West was just playing around.

And for anyone who thinks Swift might’ve been offended to see West poking fun of what was actually a rather rude moment between them four and a half years ago, well, the two were all smiles together at tonight’s Grammys, hugging and posing for the cameras. See the clips and photos below!

Kanye West Taylor Swift Grammys

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Taylor Swift Kanye West Grammys

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