Kanye West: I’m “My Number One Enemy”

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Kanye West Ego Enemy

By Andrew Shuster |

Kanye West Ego Enemy

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Kanye West admitted in a new series of tweets that his own ego has been his “number one enemy.” The controversial rapper further acknowledged his past comments about being the best musician alive were wrong.

West, who has gone on several Twitter rants as of late, wrote on Wednesday, “Man, I was thinking about when I commented on the idea of ‘taking the rap throne’… That statement has’t been sitting well with me… That’s a dated mentality. I’m not on that.” West went on to express, “Every rapper is somebody’s favorite. Some rappers got the club. some got the radio. some got the conscience. some got the streets. Everybody has something they do the best.”

West continued, “A wise man should be humble enough to admit when he’s wrong and change his mind based on new information. There is so much positive energy right now.” “Let’s stay on this Ultra Light Beam,” he added, referring to the title of one of the tracks on his new album. “In rap we have been developing a brotherhood,” noted West. “My number one enemy has been my ego. there is only one [throne] and that’s God’s.”

West’s apology of sorts is a departure from his other recent tweets, which as Gossip Cop has reported, included begging Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out of his $53 million debt, and denying he dissed Taylor Swift, despite asserting in a new song, “I made that bitch famous.”


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