Kanye West Apologizes For Everything, Raps “I’m Sorry” On SNL Weekend Update (VIDEO)

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Kanye West Apology SNL Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Apology SNL Video


Kanye West” appeared on “Weekend Update” on “SNL” on Saturday to apologize for everything, and did a rap called “I’m Sorry.” Watch below!

“Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost began by explaining West made a public apology to Beck on Twitter last week, and said he was in the studio now to explain. When West (played once again by Jay Pharoah) came out, he started by apologizing for missing rehearsal. West then announced he wanted to give the “greatest apology of all time.”

He went on to rap a song full of apologies, beginning by saying, “I’m sorry. I’ve got so many things to apologize for, so buckle up.” West then apologized for the llamas that escaped in Phoenix last week, for six more weeks of winter, and for thinking “Glory” from Selma is all about him.

“To all that I missed, over the years I dissed,” West continued, “I’m still getting killed for what I said to Taylor Swift, for shifting the blame, for taking your acclaim, for giving my baby North a directional name, I’m sorry.” There was a Beck-Beyoncé reference, and West even apologized for not voting for Michael Keaton to win at the Oscars, as he voted instead for himself. (Of course, West isn’t actually eligible to vote.)

West concluded, “This incredible apology is setting the bar too high for anybody else, I’m sorry.” Check out the video and tell us what you think!


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