Kanye West “Calmer & More Focused On One Year Anniversary Of Breakdown” Is Fake News

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Kanye West Anniversary Breakdown

By Shari Weiss |

Kanye West Anniversary Breakdown

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A story about Kanye West being “calmer and more focused” on the “one year anniversary” of his breakdown is fake news. This article, which was actually published two weeks before the “anniversary,” was seemingly made up just to capitalize on the rapper’s return to the stage this weekend. Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on.

On November 21, 2016. West canceled his “Saint Pablo Tour.” That same day, he was hospitalized for psychiatric help. Fast-forward to November 5, 2017, when West performed with Kid Cudi in his hometown of Chicago. It marked his first time performing since the hospitalization last year. Now one day later, HollywoodLife, of all places, is claiming it “exclusively” learned the superstar is “in a ‘better place’ one year after his infamous breakdown.” That’s despite previously claiming Kim Kardashian was worried West would “relapse.”

Now the webloid is quoting a so-called “source close to the rapper” as saying, “He’s feeling very positive and upbeat. Kanye’s done a lot of soul searching over the past year, he’s worked through a lot of issues, and he’s in a better place than he has been for ages.” The site’s supposed snitch goes on to assert West has been “working on a new album,” and his marriage to Kardashian is “flourishing.” But why, then, did the outlet claim just last week that Kardashian and West were divorcing? Surely if the online publication had a real “source,” it never would’ve published such a false story.

Also, there’s nothing in HollywoodLies’ new report that was previously unknown. For instance, it was already reported months ago that West was working on a new album. It’s also been apparent that he’s in a “better place” simply through the frequency with which he’s stepping out in public, and even smiling in photos and videos.

So now the webloid wants readers to believe that the same site that has published incorrect information about West over the last year (the aforementioned “relapse” fears, Kardashian divorce) has “exclusively” learned from a legitimate “source” how well he’s doing, even though none of the contentions offered are actually new. And the assertions are only coincidentally coming right after West made a surprise comeback performance. Sure. Here’s what’s really going on: On Saturday, West unexpectedly returned to the stage, and it made headlines across the globe. To capitalize on that, as well as the upcoming one-year mark since his hospitalization, HollywoodLies concocted a phony related story.

The site has a proven track record of manufacturing fake news after something becomes a hot topic, and that seems to be what’s going on here. West is doing well, and that’s great. What’s not great, though, is when an outlet pretends to have genuine insight. Gossip Cop is told by multiple insiders, who did not wish to be identified, that no one legitimately close to him would be talking about his mental health, in good times or bad, with HollywoodLies. And that’s likely why none of the assertions here are actually new information and were only published by the publication as an “exclusive” after he made a big appearance.

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