#KanTay2020: Taylor Swift Gets Flowers From “BFF” Kanye West (PHOTO)

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KanTay2020 Kanye West Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

 KanTay2020 Kanye West Taylor Swift

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Kanye West needn’t look any further for a presidential running mate. Taylor Swift is apparently volunteering for the job!

On Friday, Swift took to Instagram to reveal a special gift she received from West. Along with a photo of an elaborate flower arrangement, she wrote in the caption, “Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs.” It didn’t take long for “#KanTay2020” to begin trending on Twitter.

The “2020,” of course refers to West’s declaration at last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards that he plans on running for president in the 2020 election. Approximately 13 minutes prior to the statement, Swift had presented the rapper with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, discussing how their controversial first introduction at the 2009 VMAs later gave way to mutual respect and friendship. West then gave a wide-ranging, rambling speech before announcing his candidacy at the end and dropping the mic.

Just how serious West is about running for higher officer remains to be seen, but the idea has fueled speculation all week about who could be his vice president. And while something tells us Swift was just kidding with her hashtag, it’s an amusing and even inspired idea nonetheless. Regardless, Swift’s post about West confirms Gossip Cop’s exclusive reporting earlier this week when we busted a wrong RadarOnline report that falsely claimed she “freaked out” over his VMAs speech.

Interestingly, the flowers West sent bear a striking resemblance to the flower wall he gave Kim Kardashian for Mother’s Day in 2014, before having a similar set-up at their wedding. It seems President West has a type! Check out Swift’s flowers below, and tell us what you think of her caption!

Taylor Swift Flowers Kanye West Photo



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