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Kaley Cuoco got married to Karl Cook on Saturday near San Diego, and in the process proved a couple of rumors from the past six months wrong. In just the past half-year, some outlets falsely reported that Cuoco was pregnant, as well as feuding with her "Big Bang" co-stars. But, as Gossip Cop reported, those stories were untrue then and with her wedding this weekend, it's clear who publishes facts and who's serves up fiction.

In January, for instance, the National Enquirer and its sister outlet RadarOnline falsely maintained Cuoco was already pregnant with her then-fiance's baby. The supermarket tabloid contended the "Big Bang" star had what appeared to be a "baby bump" on the red carpet of the Critics' Choice Awards, which were held on January 11. The often discredited magazine even quoted what it called a "friend" of Cuoco's as saying, "She's already pregnant... It's been a whirlwind since [the actress and Cook] got engaged, and all they talk about is having babies." Meanwhile, its sister website questioned in the headline of its article whether there was a "'Big Bang' Bun In The Oven?"

At the time her rep exclusively assured Gossip Cop that Cuoco was not pregnant and the claims were "absolutely untrue." That was just about six months ago, and if the actress truly had a "baby bump" then, she would have already given birth or be on the verge of having a baby. But as videos and photos of Cuoco's wedding to Cook clearly show, the "Big Bang" star is not about to have a child.

Also provably wrong was RadarOnline's narrative about how Cuoco and co-star Mayim Bialik "hate each other." Just a few months ago, the site asserted the two women have an "icy backstage relationship." The blog claimed, "Cuoco and Bialik's relationship has become so bad that producers try to keep them apart on the set." The outlet even quoted a so-called "source" relating how Bialik "doesn't understand why Kaley hates her" and "now she just tries to stay away" from her co-star.

Once again, Cuoco's rep went on the record to shoot down another fabricated RadarOnline tale. The newlywed's spokesperson told Gossip Cop at the time, "There's no truth to this story whatsoever." Far from hating each other, while Bialik discussed with People the pay cut her "Big Bang Theory" costars took, just so that she could earn more, the former "Blossom" actress gushed how they all "love each other."

And the love they have for one another was clearly evident at Cuoco's wedding. Bialik posted on Instagram a photo of herself at Cuoco's nuptials, noting how "thrilled" she and other co-stars were to be there. Gossip Cop repeatedly mentions how time susses out what's fact and what's fiction. Cuoco's marriage to Cook is just another example of how others have no qualms publishing false rumors while we're wedded to the truth and fact-checking.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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