Kaley Cuoco’s Shoulder Surgery Hurting Her Marriage?

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Kaley Cuoco Surgery Marriage

By Andrew Shuster |

Kaley Cuoco Surgery Marriage

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A tabloid report claiming that Kaley Cuoco’s shoulder surgery is hurting her marriage to Karl Cook is completely ridiculous. Gossip Cop can correct this story. There’s plenty of evidence to disprove it.

The “Big Bang Theory” star underwent shoulder surgery just days after marrying Cook earlier this month, and according to the Globe, the situation is causing tension between the newlyweds. An alleged insider tells the magazine that the pro equestrian is fed up with having to care for his “demanding” wife as she recovers from her procedure. “She’s constantly barking orders at him to get her cookies and tea or whatever else she wants,” adds the supposed source.

The questionable tipster continues, “So far, marriage has been all about Kaley! Karl must be wondering what he got himself into.” From there, the magazine provides an inaccurate account of what happened leading up to Cuoco’s surgery. The “insider” claims the actress “kept putting off surgery until the pain got so bad she had to be taken to the ER just days after the wedding.” However, Cuoco explained on Instagram that she planned the surgery more than a year ago.

Still, the outlet’s seemingly nonexistent source says, “He’s been stuck at home ever since, being run ragged by her constant demands!” The suspicious insider further contends that the couple’s love life is suffering because “she can’t even move without screeching in pain.” This is provably untrue as well. A few days after her operation, Cook posted an Instagram video of his wife dancing around the kitchen while eating cookies. On Thursday, Cuoco hit the gym for the first time since undergoing surgery. “Injured or not you can still have a badass workout,” she said in an Instagram story.

The claim that Cook is frustrated by having to take care of his wife during her recovery is also bogus. Cuoco recently shared an Instagram video of her husband having fun styling her hair. The two were laughing as the equestrian attempted to give his wife a top-knot, and he joked, “I’m pretty much a professional stylist now.” Cook has also shared several funny Instagram videos documenting his wife trying to amuse herself while stuck in the house. It’s clear the two have a great sense of humor about the ordeal.

Conclusion: The magazine claims its “source” knows the intimate details of what’s going on in Cuoco’s house as she recovers, but this “insider” wasn’t aware that her surgery was pre-planned. The outlet’s alleged tipster also wrongly claims the actress is in agony to the point where she can’t move, but there’s multiple videos of her keeping active. And finally, Cuoco and Cook are having fun sharing videos of her recovery on social media, so there’s clearly no tension between the two. Despite what the untrustworthy tabloid claims, it appears the actress’s shoulder surgery is actually helping the newlyweds grow even closer.

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Kaley Cuoco’s shoulder surgery is hurting her marriage to Karl Cook.


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