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Kaley Cuoco took a while to find her current husband, equestrian Karl Cook. The two of them developed a sweet romance and felt secure enough in their love to live in separate homes for almost two years while their dream home was being built. Perhaps Cuoco gained that confidence to be independent from her Mr. Right from her previous relationships.

Kaley Cuoco's Secret Romance with Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco secretly dated for two years, from about 2007 to 2009, while filming their sitcom, Big Bang Theory. It's almost a trend for co-stars involved in on-screen romances to expand that love offscreen as well, but the love between these two was all too real. Even after breaking up, Cuoco and Galecki still had nothing but sweet things to say about each other.

"Moments were really hard, but we have such a love for each other — and we knew we weren't destined to be together — that we accepted it and said, 'Look, if we ever break up, we will be professional,'" she told CBS Watch! magazine, via Entertainment Tonight. Hiding their love proved to be too difficult for the both of them, Cuoco admitted in that interview, so they decided it was better to just be friends. Galecki was even a guest at Cuoco's wedding to Cook, showing that there truly were no hard feelings between them.

After ending her downlow relationship with Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco went on to date Josh "Lazie" Resnik. The two eventually got engaged, but it didn't last long. In 2012, Entertainment Tonight asked the Big Bang Theory actress if her co-star Kunal Nayyar's wedding had given her any ideas for her own wedding. "I'm not engaged anymore, so no," she candidly answered. Showing she still had hope for a future happily ever after, Cuoco then added, "But in general, yes. For my future wedding, yes!"

Henry Cavill was also briefly a beau of Cuoco's. The two didn't even last a month, however, since they called it quits about 12 days after news of their relationship hit the tabloids.

Kaley Cuoco's Marriages

After her brief fling with the Man of Steel actor, Kaley Cuoco began dating tennis pro Ryan Sweeting in 2013. It was evidently a whirlwind romance, since the two got engaged after only three months together. They were married three months later in a New Year's Eve ceremony. In 2014, it seemed like the couple couldn't be anymore in love, but in September 2015, just 21 months after their wedding, Cuoco filed for divorce.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Cuoco confessed that her first marriage nearly made her rethink getting married again at all. "I married someone the first time who completely changed. The person I ended up with was not the person I originally met. And that wasn't my fault — that was his," she told the outlet in 2018. Rather than give up entirely on the concept of marriage, Cuoco said, "I knew I just had to be patient...I had to go through a lot of things, but it brought me to Karl."

The actress soon found The One

By 2016, Kaley Cuoco had moved on with her life with a little help from a handsome equestrian. Cook and Cuoco became "Instagram official" in March of 2016 with a playful selfie. In 2017, Cook already knew what a good thing he had with Cuoco, and he popped the question, which led to Cuoco breaking down in tears.

It took a while to find that perfect fit, but Kaley Cuoco definitely found it in fellow animal lover Karl Cook. After all her romantic hardships, she absolutely deserves to be this happy in love.


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