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Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik do not "hate each other," nor are they in "cat fight" backstage on the set of the "Big Bang Theory," despite a reheated and still wrong rumor. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood, which initially began on an obscure website and was then picked up by a larger outlet that often doesn't fact-check. We're told there's "not truth" to the claim.

Under the headline, "'Big Bang Theory' Catfight! Inside Kaley & Mayim's Icy Backstage Relationship," RadarOnline maintains, "Cuoco and Bialik's relationship has become so bad that producers try to keep them apart on the set." The website quote a so-called "source" telling the inconsequential blog Naughty Gossip, "Kaley and Mayim hate each other. There have been huge cat fights between the two of them and now producers try to just keep them apart."

The alleged "insider" supposedly notes that Bialik "doesn't understand why Kaley hates her. She has tried several times to make peace but it has never worked." "Now she just tries to stay away," adds the seemingly made-up "source."

Allow Gossip Cop to break this down: RadarOnline picks up a story from a not entirely reliable blog that contends Cuoco and Bialik "hate" one another so much that "producers try to keep them apart" on the "Big Bang Theory" set. But neither of the two outlets actually knows why the women have these purported "huge cat fights." What's more, the sites would like us all to believe that despite all the talk of animosity on the set, and the alleged fights that require both women keeping their distance, even Bialik "doesn't understand why Kaley hates her."

Pathetically, RadarOnline can't even keep track of its lies because nearly two years ago it manufactured a fake fight between the two women and at the time it claimed Cuoco and Bialik were feuding over the salaries. As Gossip Cop noted then, that was 100 percent wrong. Regardless, even though the website now alleges Bialik is trying to "stay away" from Cuoco, her rep exclusively tells us, "There's no truth to this story whatsoever."

Interestingly, contrary to the claim about the cast feuding over salaries, legitimate outlets reported 11 months ago that negotiations over pay actually brought everyone closer together. In a Variety article from February 2017 that discussed Bialik's "Big Bang Theory" contract," the trade publication wrote the original five cast members, including Cuoco, took a "pay cut to free up money for raises for Bialik and [Melissa] Rauch." The magazine even stated, "The move is evidence of the strong camaraderie among the key players on the show," and added how the "general harmony behind the scenes has also contributed to the show's enduring creative strength."

And in an interview with People in May, Bialik also addressed the pay cut her "Big Bang Theory" costars took for her and Rauch. The actress said, "We have a very cohesive cast... We all really love each other." Basically, far from fabrications about how Cuoco and Bialik "hate each other," they actually "love each other."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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