Why Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook Don’t Live Together

Kaley Cuoco in a black dress sitting with Karl Cook, who's wearing a black suit, at Hilarity For Charity

By Brianna Morton |

Kaley Cuoco in a black dress sitting with Karl Cook, who's wearing a black suit, at Hilarity For Charity

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Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, have an unconventional living arrangement. Though they’ve been married for over a year, the couple actually lives separately. It might not be how things usually work for most spouses, but Cuoco claims this is the perfect setup for her and her equestrian husband.

In November 2019, Cuoco sat down with the podcast Brad Behavior for an interview. During the discussion with host Brad Goreski, Cuoco revealed that she and Cook still lived in separate residences even after their 2018 wedding. Cuoco says the arrangement is perfect for the couple. “The older I get, I know now what works for me,” Cuoco told Goresk. “Even when Karl and I met, and I knew I was totally in love with him and we wanted to get married, we both really like our own lives and we actually like our own couches.”

Kaley Cuoco says haters are just “jealous”

Though she admits that she’s “never been in a better relationship,” the spouses are still “taking it slow.” A big part of why their marriage works, Cuoco says, is because they allow each other to be independent while still supporting one another. “We are so happy, but we have separate lives and then our lives come together and he’s so supportive of me. He lets me be me, and I let him be him.” Cuoco joked during the podcast that people who looked down on the couple’s living arrangement were just “jealous” and would do the same thing if they had the opportunity.

Although the couple has said they’re perfectly happy with the way their living situation has played out, they still plan to eventually move in with each other. “We are building our house, as you know. We will be under the same roof, eventually, but this has worked for us.” Calling it their “dream house” in an interview with Extra, Cuoco still insisted she had “no problem” with the couple continuing to live separately in the meantime.

The tabloids target them with trash talk

Though it hasn’t even been two years since the couple said “I do,” tabloids have already pushed stories claiming the newlyweds are already heading towards disaster. In November 2018, just four short months after the two wed, Star published an article claiming that the two were having marriage troubles because Cuoco was more focused on Big Bang Theory than her husband. A source who spoke with the magazine claimed Cuoco never brought Cook with her to set and only saw him on the weekends. Gossip Cop didn’t trust that for a moment. We reached out to Cuoco’s rep. They were able to confirm our suspicions that the story was a complete fabrication.

In October 2019, Life & Style reported that Cuoco was divorcing Cook a little over a year after their wedding. A supposed “insider” told the publication, “One of the reasons why Kaley doesn’t live with Karl is because they clash over just about everything.” Gossip Cop found this to be untrue. In the above interview with Extra, which we also cited in our original argument, Cuoco was adamant that she was perfectly happy with the couple’s unconventional arrangement. The only thing a tabloid loves more than a wedding is a divorce, it would seem.