Tons of celebrities love The Bachelor, and some of them have even dated former contestants, but Kaley Cuoco specifically is probably one of the most famous and outspoken members of Bachelor Nation. The Big Bang Theory actress has followed the show for years and can always be counted on to give her honest take on what happens in the Bachelor mansion. Her reaction to this season of the Bachelor's final twist was possibly the most perfect response to Peter Weber's final choice.

Kaley Cuoco had a lot to say about Weber's shocking final decision. As a recap, Weber proposed to contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, but he wound up dumping her weeks later for fellow contestant Madison Prewett. That relationship didn't work out too well for Weber either, and the two ended up splitting days after announcing they were back together. Cuoco watched the entire finale and uploaded a video to her Instagram Stories, clearly confused by all the twists and turns. The song "Confused" by Dean Martin played in the background, which was very fitting for the occasion. The only thing Cuoco said at all in the video was a single, "What?" And that pretty much summed up what everyone was feeling at the moment.

Kaley Cuoco is a longtime fan of the show

This wasn't Cuoco's first experience with twists on The Bachelor. During Hannah Brown's season of the Bachelorette, Brown infamously chose Jed, who, it turned out, had a girlfriend right up until filming for the romantic competition reality show began. More than a little hurt by the lie by omission, Brown asked out Tyler Cameron, the runner up. (In somewhat unrelated news, the two are rumored to be seeing each other again.)

Kaley Cuoco had been rooting for Cameron the whole time, telling ET that if he didn't win, she thought that he should be the next season's Bachelor. "I think Tyler is the cutest thing ever, and I just think he's really cute. So, if he doesn't get chosen, I could see him being the Bachelor," she said. "[He's] so hot." She didn't quite get her wish, but something tells us that Cuoco would probably be pleased as punch with the rumors of Cameron and Brown alleged reunion.

Cuoco loves The Bachelor so much, she actually got current husband, then boyfriend, Karl Cook to indulge in the feel-good reality show as well. She must have taught him well, because his prediction that Nick Viall would eventually choose Vanessa Grimaldi came true, though the couple didn't last long. Now that Kaley Cuoco and Cook are finally sharing the same house, there will likely be more Bachelor and Bachelorette nights than before, once production on the newest season of The Bachelorette picks back up after delaying for coronavirus.


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