Kaitlyn Bristowe: Would People Still Judge Nick Viall Sex If I “Waited 10 Days” For Fantasy Suite? (VIDEO)

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Nick Viall sex Bachelorette

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kaitlyn Bristowe Nick Viall sex Bachelorette

(Good Morning America)

Kaitlyn Bristowe says in a new interview that she still doesn’t regret sleeping with Nick Viall, after it was seen on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette” that the pair took things to the next level during a trip to Dublin. Watch below.

“I tried to separate each relationship. And they all move at different paces, and that one definitely moved a little quicker than others, and maybe the timing wasn’t ideal on that one,” admitted Bristowe on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” She added, “I always wonder if I would have waited 10 days and it was the Fantasy Suite and I didn’t talk about it, would I be getting the same sort of response from people?”

As far as how she deals with the negative reactions she’s been getting, Bristowe said she trieds to ignore it. “Everyone has their opinions and no matter what I did throughout the season people will have their opinions,” said Bristowe. “It”s obviously tough when you get to thousands and thousands of messages that are very negative, but I try to avoid it.”

The former dance instructor also explained on “GMA” how she had to serve “Bachelorette” contestant Ian a slice of “humble pie” during Monday’s episode after he criticized her for kissing a bunch of the guys. As Gossip Cop reported, Ian left the show before the rose ceremony after he told Bristowe that he thought she was “shallow,” and accused her of only being there to make out with a bunch of different guys. Bristowe, however, said she thinks Ian’s “ego was a little bruised” because of the amount of time she was spending with the other contestants.

“According to Ian, it’s not difficult for him to get women and I was just thinking… I said last night, I don’t know if you took chemistry at Princeton, but he failed because there was none there,” said Bristowe, adding, “That was the problem… Slice him some humble pie.” Check out the full interview below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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