Kaia Gerber ‘Pregnant And Eloping’ With Pete Davidson?

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The Cover of Star magazine

By Hugh Scott |

The Cover of Star magazine

(Star Magazine)

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson are not eloping, nor are her parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, worried she’s going to get pregnant. That’s the premise of a phony tabloid story. Gossip Cop has the facts.

The cover of the most recent issue of Star makes a number of bold (and untrue) allegations about Gerber and Davidson. The wildest of which is the claim that the model’s friends and family are worried she’s “secretly engaged” and she wants to get pregnant. The questionable outlet quotes an unnamed source as saying, “They’ve been telling friends they want to get married and are secretly engaged.”

The preposterous article contends that Davidson refuses to sign a prenup with Gerber, which has “Rande scrambling to protect the vast fortune she stands to inherit.” The tabloid specifically mentions Casamigos Tequila, Rande’s business with George Clooney. Rande and Crawford, the dubious source claims, “actually like Pete, but he really needs to get his life together.” The so-called “insider” goes on, “Everyone knows he’ll get bored and sabotage things one way or another, like he always does.”

The very questionable source goes on to say that Davidson thinks Gerber is “a keeper and wants to marry her and have babies with her,” but the model’s friends are “terrified” of the prospect. According to the bogus report, this all has Gerber’s parents upset and “calling in the big guns.” The big gun, apparently, is George Clooney. “If anyone can make Kaia listen, it’s George.” It’s like the tabloid knew how ridiculous the story was, but wanted to send it over the top by including another tabloid-favorite – Clooney – to it.

The story simply isn’t true. While it’s definitely true that Davidson and Gerber have been seeing each other for a few months now, they’re not planning to elope, they’re not “secretly engaged” and they’re not planning on having babies anytime soon. Tabloids love to create tall tales exactly like this all the time, outside of reality and based in fantasy. A rep for Kaia and Crawford – not an anonymous source – tells Gossip Cop on the record, “It is all fiction.”

In the months since the couple started dating, the tabloids have been cranking out all manner of bogus articles about them. In November, Star’s sister paper, Life & Style, published a report with a very similar premise. That article alleged Davidson and Gerber’s friends were warning them to “pump the breaks” on their relationship. Just like this latest article, it claimed her friends were “scared they may elope.” Also, like this latest one, it was totally false. There was, and is, no evidence that the couple’s relationship is moving any faster than anyone else’s. They just happen to be famous and photographed a lot.


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