Kacey Musgraves Calling It Quits With Her Husband?

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Kasey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly posing together in front of a white background

By Elyse Johnson |

Kasey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly posing together in front of a white background

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Are Kacey Musgraves and her husband, Ruston Kelly, really calling it quits? An article in a tabloid claims that the two were heading for a breakup in January. Gossip Cop can put this rumor to rest.

A couple of months ago, OK! reported that Musgraves and her husband of two years were having marital problems. The claimed stemmed from the news that the musicians had recently deleted photos of each other off of their respective Instagram pages, for unexplained reasons. A supposed “insider” revealed, “Their marriage seems to be coming to an end.” This suspicious source added that Musgraves “has been telling friends that marriage can be tough and that she may have made a mistake tying the knot so soon. After all, she knew Ruston for only nine months before getting engaged.”

This anonymous tipster alleged other problems in the marriage by insinuating that Musgraves has become “seduced” by Hollywood. “He thinks she changed,” the source said, before elaborated, “Kacey and Ruston love each other but the spark is gone, everyone expects them to officially announce their separation any day now.”

This story is completely ridiculous. For one, even though the couple doesn’t have any photos of each other on their social media pages; they still follow each other. Neither Musgraves nor Kelly have commented on why they deleted these pictures, but it doesn’t seem to mean much since clearly they are still together, though the two are known to be very private about their marriage. They’ve certainly not separated, which this so-called insider asserted was due to happen “any day.”

In February of this year, the couple was spotted attending New York Fashion Week. Musgraves and Kelly were photographed holding hands and looking cozy, clearly very happy to be together. In fact, earlier this month, the couple made a rare appearance together on stage when Musgraves joined Ruston for a duet on his song “Just For The Record” at a Nashville concert. They aren’t breaking up, they’re even working together.

Frankly, OK! has a terrible history when reporting on Nashville couples. Take, for instance, the case of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. One month, the tabloid is falsely reporting that the couple was fighting as they did in a story Gossip Cop busted in May of last year. The fabricated article insisted that McGraw and Hill were heading for a divorce after years of arguments and lies.

Just months later, the same magazine completely shifted gears with another tall tale about the famous singers. This time the unreliable outlet reported that McGraw and Hill were renewing their wedding vows after having “worked out their problems.” The tabloid was obviously trying to cover its tracks by insisting the couple had solved their supposed problems, when in fact, as Gossip Cop reported, they weren’t having any issues to begin with.  Anything this outlet is reporting should not be trusted.


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