Justin Timberlake Criticized For Joining Woody Allen Movie

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Justin Timberlake Woody Allen Movie

By Andrew Shuster |

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Justin Timberlake is joining the cast of Woody Allen’s new movie, it was announced on Thursday, and the singer is now being criticized on Twitter for working with the controversial director.

Many people have boycotted Allen’s recent films in light of the sexual abuse allegations made by his daughter, Dylan Farrow, who claims that the filmmaker molested her when she was a child. And as Gossip Cop previously reported, Allen’s son, Ronan Farrow, wrote an op-ed earlier this year calling out many of the famous actors who’ve appeared in his estranged father’s newest movies. Now that Timberlake is joining that list, a handful of Twitter users are expressing their outrage.

One person wrote, “Disappointing that so many actors are still willing to work with that abominable man,” while another added, “Not a good look joining in with sexual deviant Woody Allen. Ugh!” Meanwhile, one irate user said, “[Shaking my head] f**k you Justin,” and another tweeted directly to Timberlake, “You’re really out here [trying to] prove how trash u are.”

In regards to actress Juno Temple also signing on for Allen’s upcoming movie, one person wrote, “I know Juno Temple is desperate for relevancy but what is Justin Timberlake’s excuse for joining Woody Allen’s new film?” Another user expressed, “Justin Timberlake is doing a Woody Allen movie. We can now add Allen apologist to the list of reasons why he ain’t sh*t.”

“RIP Justin Timberlake,” one person wrote, before clarifying, “He ain’t dead but he joined a Woody Allen movie so same thing basically in my book.” And another user called out the actor-musician for what they believe to be hypocrisy, saying, “Justin Timberlake & his fake selective outrage are going to be in a Woody Allen film, another walking problem protected by white privilege.”

Timberlake has yet to respond to the casting controversy, but many other stars who’ve worked with Allen recently, such as Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart, have intimated that they weren’t willing to persecute the filmmaker over unproven charges.


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