Justin Timberlake Asking Woody Allen To Cast Jessica Biel In New Movie?

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Justin Timberlake Woody Allen Jessica Biel

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Timberlake Woody Allen Jessica Biel

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Justin Timberlake is NOT trying to get Woody Allen to cast Jessica Biel in his new movie, despite a phony tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s “nonsense.”

As Gossip Cop reported, it was recently announced Timberlake was joining the cast of Allen’s upcoming film, and now according to OK!, the actor/singer wants his wife to nab a role as well. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid Biel is supposedly jealous of her husband’s successful acting career, and it’s “becoming a sore point” in their marriage. The magazine’s alleged “insider” adds, “He’s hoping that convincing Woody to give her a cameo will make her happy.”

Gossip Cop looked into the outlet’s claim, and we’re exclusively told by a source close to the situation that this simply never happened, and the tabloid’s entire tale is complete “nonsense.” Unfortunately, the inaccuracy of the magazine’s report isn’t particularly surprising. We recently called out OK! for falsely alleging Timberlake and Biel were in a feud with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And shortly before that fictitious report, Gossip Cop corrected the tabloid’s bogus claim that Biel was forbidding Timberlake from joining Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show. This latest account is just more lies from the frequently unreliable publication.

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Justin Timberlake has asked Woody Allen to cast Jessica Biel in a new movie.

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