Justin Timberlake Did NOT Say Vaccination Schedules Are “Un-American,” Despite Report

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Justin Timberlake Vaccinations

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Justin Timberlake Vaccinations

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Justin Timberlake did not say vaccination schedules are “un-American.” In fact, he hasn’t spoken about this subject at all. Gossip Cop can debunk a fake news story that’s rapidly spreading to other sites.

According to YourNewsWire, Timberlake made controversial comments about vaccinations “while readying himself for his long-awaited Super Bowl Halftime show appearance.” He is quoted as allegedly saying, “The whole concept of mandatory vaccination schedules is un-American. Why risk damaging your precious child for the sake of the herd?”

The website goes on to claim Timberlake further said, “Take care of your own child. That is your duty. That is your God given right. If everyone took care of their own children, we wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the herd, or making anything mandatory, or any of that communist stuff.” The outlet also contends the singer questioned “why a child who has been ‘immunized’ is not actually immune to the disease.”

Another purported quote attributed to Timberlake states, “And yet sanctimonious parents of immunized kids, they get on their soap box and say my unvaccinated child is a threat to their child? Get a grip already. Isn’t your child supposed to be immune?” The online publication concludes by asserting he and wife Jessica Biel previously “sparked controversy in 2015 when they refused to vaccinate their son, Silas, citing health concerns.”

To support that allegation, the site links to a two-year-old post on SheKnows, which in turn links to an article from In Touch. In November 2015, the tabloid cited a “friend of the couple,” who supposedly claimed Biel was “refusing to vaccinate” their son. The gossip magazine’s story, however, was never validated or substantiated. Regardless, it seems that old claim is what prompted this new story from YourNewsWire, which is known as a fake news site.

But Timberlake never made any of these alleged remarks. If he had, the comments would’ve been extensively covered by credible media organizations all over the world. But a Google search indicates the supposed quotes can only be found on fake news sites, such as one called New York News Today. No legitimate publication has reported Timberlake saying anything remotely related to this topic. It appears to all be fabricated and made-up.

The only aspect that’s actually true is that Timberlake is indeed getting ready for his Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. But he’s yet to have the big press conference that the headliner typically holds days before the big event, nor has he made the rounds on a media tour. The closest he’s come to a media appearance in recent days is Timberlake serenading Ellen DeGeneres via satellite on her talk show for her birthday, which was on Friday. He noted at the time that he was in the midst of rehearsals for the big gig. Nothing was said about vaccination schedules being “un-American.”