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Justin Timberlake started his career on "The Mickey Mouse Club" and remains one of music's biggest stars roughly 25 years later. Of course, along with a massive amount of fame often comes gossip, much of it usually untrue. Below, Gossip Cop looks back at five wrong rumors we've busted about the performer, both professionally and personally.

In April 2017, Life & Style announced Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel were expecting their second child. The tabloid claimed the actress "only just" found out she was pregnant again, but described the couple as "so excited." It was even said they were both hoping the baby would be a girl. Upon investigating, however, Gossip Cop learned that there was not another child on the way and the story was untrue. In fact, we pointed out earlier this year that a full 12 months have gone by since that report was published, and Timberlake and Biel still haven't had a second baby. Clearly our reporting was right.

Last August, a slew of misguided outlets claimed Timberlake and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears were collaborating on a new song, and that Timbaland had confirmed the duet. The speculation was sparked after two podcasters relayed an encounter with the producer, in which he was asked about "Justney," a fan nickname for the former couple. Timbaland, though, misheard, and thought they had asked about "Justin," prompting him to respond, "It's coming! New music... 2018." Due to the confusion that ensued, a Timberlake insider clarified to Gossip Cop that he did not actually have any new music with Spears in the works. Sure enough, months later when Timberlake revealed the track list for his album Man Of The Woods, it was apparent he had collaborated with Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton, but had no song with Spears coming out.

In September, OK! declared on its cover that Timberlake and Biel were getting a "$300 million divorce." The publication and an unnamed, untraceable "source" claimed the couple had been "in a bad place for months," and now their marriage was "in jeopardy." The article failed to mention, however, that both had recently showcased their commitment to the relationship in social media posts that referred to "my husband" and "my wife." On top of that, Gossip Cop was told by one of our impeccable insiders that they had no intention of breaking up. Rather, said our contact, "They support and love each other." And not only did the couple not split, but they've continued to show off their devotion. In January, for example, Biel posted on Instagram in honor of Timberlake's birthday, "A picture says a thousand words. And thank goodness because there aren't enough to express ALL the aspects of my love and respect for you."

Also in January, the site YourNewsWire peddled an article claiming Timberlake had controversially said mandatory vaccination schedules are "un-American." The blog attributed a number of quotes on the subject to the singer, such as, "If everyone took care of their own children, we wouldn't have to worry about taking care of the herd, or making anything mandatory, or any of that communist stuff." But as Gossip Cop explained, a simple Google search indicated that these statements were only circulating on fake news websites, and had never appeared in any legitimate outlet when it would've been international news had Timberlake actually made such remarks. Notably, includes YourNewsWire on its list of sites that publish fake news stories, as does Politifact.

Lastly, in March the National Enquirer alleged Timberlake was dropping a Prince tribute from his then-upcoming tour after criticism he received for honoring the late music icon at the Super Bowl. The supermarket tabloid contended that in the wake of the "devastating reviews" for his halftime performance, "all Prince references" had been "removed" from his stage show. But these were bogus claims, as there weren't plans in the first place for the "Man Of The Woods Tour" to feature an ongoing Prince tribute. As Gossip Cop pointed out, Timberlake explained on "The Tonight Show" that his intention with the segment at the Super Bowl was "to do something for this city and something for him that would just be the ultimate homage," since the event took place in Prince's hometown of Minneapolis. It had nothing to do with his concert tour.

A-listers like Timberlake often have the rumor mill churning, but usually through no fault of their own. Simply because certain stars are popular, the gossip media exploits them and their fan bases with bogus narratives. But, as demonstrated here, there's usually evidence to prove the tales are phony. Gossip Cop will continue transparently separating fact from fiction when it comes to Timberlake and all celebrities.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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