Justin Timberlake’s Focus On Career Led Jessica Biel To Feel Like “Single Mom”?

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Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake

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Has Justin Timberlake’s focus on his career led Jessica Biel to feel like a “single mom”? That’s what one of the tabloids claimed exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop noted it was untrue then, and now 12 months later it’s even clearer how wrong that report was.

On December 12, 2017, Star  maintained that with Timberlake “rarely around” to help out with their then 2-year-old son Silas, Biel felt “like a single mom.” The thrust of the article was that Timberlake’s career seemingly took precedence over his family as he was worked on his album, Man Of The Woods, and prepared for his halftime show at the February 2018 Super Bowl. At the time the story was first published, a mutual acquaintance of  Gossip Cop and Timberlake assured us the premise was false, and a full 365 days later there’s no question the report was wrong because the singer has repeatedly shown he’s a devoted dad to Silas and committed to his wife.

Following the European leg of “The Man Of The Woods” tour in support of his album, Biel discussed how she and Silas joined Timberlake abroad. In fact, when Biel was on the “Today” show, she said she was “very grateful” the whole family was together, adding how much “fun on the road” they had. And six months before the questionable article came out, far from portraying herself as a “single mom,” Biel thanked Timberlake in a Father’s Day post on Instagram for “work[ing] tirelessly for THIS family and giv[ing] of himself… every day.”

In the year since it was claimed Timberlake put his career over Biel and their family, Star and its sister publications have not gotten much better with their stories about the couple. Just a month ago, for example, in a somewhat related article, OK! inaccurately contended Timberlake was spoiling Biel with gifts for being less involved in Silas’s life. Of course, the magazine’s tale was provably untrue, as evidenced from a few days before when Biel posted on Instagram a photo from Halloween during which she, Timberlake and Silas celebrated as a (Lego) family.

This past year, the tabloids are falsely asserted Biel was pregnant with her and Timberlake’s second baby. Not only did a source close to the actress tell us it was off-base, but also around the time of the claim, the actress herself posted on social media how she was hungover after partying at the Emmys. While the celebrity weeklies sometimes print phony stories and hope their readers forget their errors, Gossip Cop often makes a point of shining a light on past reports from the previous year to remind visitors the truth will eventually emerge.


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