Justin Timberlake ESPYs Video: Presents Icon Award To Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Abby Wambach

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Icons Award Espys

By Shari Weiss |

Icons Award Espys


Justin Timberlake presented the 2016 ESPYs Icon Award to Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Abby Wambach on Wednesday. Watch the video below!

For the first time ever, the ESPYs chose to give the prestigious honor to three retiring athletes. Bryant recently closed out a legendary career with the Los Angeles Lakers, while Manning announced his retirement from the NFL not long after winning the Super Bowl in February. And Wambach is leaving her days of professional soccer behind.

Timberlake, a big sports fan who actually hosted the ESPY Awards back in 2008, was chosen to feat all three superstar athletes during this year’s ceremony. First, Timberlake said that from the beginning Bryant, Manning and Wambach “set themselves apart” from everyone else. He also noted that all three had a lot in common, including being “touted as stars from the start.” Good and great, said Timberlake, wasn’t enough for these legends.

Next, videos were shown of Wambach, Bryant, and Manning’s greatest moments. In addition to their victories, the footage illustrated how each overcame obstacles, including Wambach having staples put into her head to close up an injury before she got back into a game. After Timberlake talked more about how they “obliterated records,” won championships and made comebacks, he presented another video of their last games and big wins. Bryant, Manning and Wambach then gave their acceptance speeches.

Bryant, Manning and Wambach are following in the footsteps of Derek Jeter, who, as Gossip Cop reported, was the 2015 Icon Award recipient. Check out the new video below!


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