Justin Theroux “Walked Out” On Jennifer Aniston?

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Justin Theroux Walked Out Jennifer Aniston February 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Theroux Walked Out Jennifer Aniston February 2016

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Justin Theroux did NOT “walk out” on Jennifer Aniston, despite new tabloid story falsely claiming their marriage has been “pushed to its breaking point” after only six months. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

According to In Touch, last month’s Critics’ Choice Awards were a disaster for the couple right from the start, with Aniston “clutching” Theroux “as they posed for photos.” Of course, that’s how most couples take pictures on the red carpet, but to the magazine, it’s proof that the actress has her husband on a “tight leash.” A so-called “source” even deems Aniston’s actions as “unnecessarily possessive all night.”

“It was like she was treating him more like her son than her husband,” claims the supposed snitch. “He was so embarrassed by her behavior that they argued under their breath at the table. By the end of the night, they were barely on speaking terms.”

In Touch goes on to write, “The next day, Justin took off.” Its alleged source says, “Instead of working through their issues, Justin hopped on a plane to NYC.” Except Theroux didn’t “walk out” in the way the outlet wants readers to believe. Theroux traveled to New York for work, and is actually in the midst of filming The Girl On The Train and doing a whirlwind press tour for Zoolander 2.

And the gossip rag even tries to use that against them, too, babbling on about what a wonderful time the actor is having without Aniston. But like with the alleged “blowout fight” at the Critics’ Choice Awards, it’s all sensationalized to make it seem like divorce could be looming. “Sometimes Jen feels like her marriage is over already,” claims the tipster.

That’s pretty rich coming from the same tabloid that embarrassingly claimed in September that Aniston And Theroux’s marriage was “over after two months.” In Touch doesn’t have legitimate insight into the stars’ relationship, and more or less never has. The only thing to see here is not a marriage at its “breaking point,” but a magazine proving it’s out of touch once again.


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