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Is Justin Theroux looking for love online? That’s what one tabloid is reporting. Gossip Cop investigates the latest article about the actor’s love life.

Justin Theroux Is Searching For Love Via The Internet?

Life & Style is stating in a new report that Theroux is using his time during the current pandemic to find a mate. The tabloid asserts the Charlie Angels: Full Throttle star is using apps like Zoom to go on virtual dates amid the current coronavirus epidemic. “Like lots of other singles,” an insider suggests, “Justin has given online dating a try.” The magazine’s insider continues Theroux’s friends “convinced him” that it’s the way of the future adding, “now that he’s got a lot more time on his hands, he figured it couldn’t hurt.”

Are Girls Sliding Into Justin's DMs?

The tabloid makes sure to mention that it’s been three years since his split from his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, and that girls are apparently "sliding into his DMs." “Justin’s ready to settle down,” the insider reveals, concluding The Spy Who Dumped Me actor is “willing to do whatever it takes to meet that special someone.” However, Gossip Cop is busting this phony narrative. A rep for the actor denies this bogus report and the idea Justin Theroux is searching the internet for his next love.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston dressed in evening wear pose on the red carpet
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Though some time has passed since Theroux and Aniston’s shocking divorce, the actor was seen out with actress Lauren Norvelle last October. It hasn’t been confirmed if the two are dating, but Gossip Cop doubts the actor needs to rely on the internet to find a romantic connection if he was seen out with the actress before the epidemic took over.

More Lies About Justin Theroux's Dating Life

Also, Gossip Cop has corrected several inaccurate stories from Life & Style about Theroux’s love life. For example, the tabloid continuously alleged Theroux was romantically involved with Angelina Jolie. Two years ago, Life & Style asserted Jolie and Theroux went on a secret trip to Cabo. Gossip Cop ran the story by a spokesperson for Theroux who called the piece absurd.

Last January, the tabloid insisted Theroux met Jolie’s children. Gossip Cop had already clarified that Theroux and Jolie were supposedly dating. This story was no different. Additionally, it’s not rocket science as to why the magazine would put Theroux and Jolie together. Theroux and Jolie’s respective exes, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married and the outlet has also falsely claimed they reconciled many times. From what we gathered, Life & Style was creating more drama by making up false accounts with no actual proof to support. Which is exactly why tabloids shouldn’t be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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