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About a month ago, Gossip Cop took a look at some of the romance claims that have surfaced since Justin Theroux separated from Jennifer Aniston in February. Though he hasn't actually moved on to a new relationship yet, the gossip media has been quick to set up him with a number of women. Below, see five more wrong dating rumors about Theroux.

In the immediate aftermath of Theroux and Aniston's unexpected breakup, a number of outlets looked at past tabloid stories in an effort glean insight into their split. That led the Daily Mail to pick up an old National Enquirer report about the actor getting too close to Naomi Watts. Inspired by that year-old tale, the paper now claimed, "Jennifer was far from happy when her husband was snapped hugging his close friend Naomi Watts in January last year." The publication even suggested it was the "final straw" for the marriage. But not only did Gossip Cop debunk the original magazine story when it came out, but we also did some digging now and discovered that the Daily Mail had actually posted the images in question in an innocuous 2017 piece headlined, "Naomi Watts chats with Justin Theroux at fitness event." Because he and Aniston ended up going their separate ways 12 months later, the newspaper tried to rewrite history. Butt Watts still had no connection to Theroux's love life at all.

Later in February, New Idea tried to dupe readers into believing Theroux was "caught out" in a "hook-up" with none other than Angelina Jolie. It was alleged Aniston and Brad Pitt's respective exes were "spotted dining together" at a Long Island restaurant. A so-called "patron" told the tabloid they "hugged warmly when they saw each other," before spending an hours at a table together. The magazine even provided pictures, but as Gossip Cop explained, instead of substantiating this narrative, the photos actually disproved it. The article claimed the pair were seen at Il Bacco, but presented snapshots of Jolie and Theroux separately leaving Il Buco, an unrelated restaurant in Manhattan. What's more, the photo of Jolie was from a film afterparty in 2008, while the picture of Theroux was from a 2014 dinner with his "Leftovers" co-star Liv Tyler. The outlet had no images of Jolie and Theroux together, and no new pictures of either of them at either restaurant, because the supposed outing never happened.

In March, Theroux was linked to Alexa Chung in another manufactured storyline from New Idea. In this piece, the publication claimed Theroux had "completely fallen" for the British star, to the point where they now planned to have a child together. "She's keen to start a family, which Justin has agreed he's committed to," maintained the tabloid, which quoted an untraceable "source" as saying, "They've already started trying, so it's only so long before she falls pregnant." It was further claimed that Chung was "spotted" at Theroux's "Hamptons hideout." As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, he actually lives in New York City, and at the time this story was published, he was in Paris. The only time they had been seen together as of late was nearly a month prior, when Theroux attended a NYFW show. That lone sighting is likely what inspired this made-up narrative. Perhaps needless to say, several months have gone by and Chung still isn't pregnant with Theroux's baby.

By April, the focus changed to Erika Cardenas, with whom Theroux was seen walking on a New York street. RadarOnline peddled a story contending he and his gym buddy were "flirting up a storm" after "eyeing each other for some time" during their workouts. The blog purported have to photos of the pair "canoodling," but all the website had were the same paparazzi snapshots from earlier in the month that showed Theroux and Cardenas innocently chatting. Still, an alleged "insider" insisted the duo were ripe for a "fling." But Gossip Cop had already busted such speculation, and People also confirmed in the wake of Theroux and Cardenas stepping out that there was "no romantic relationship" between them. On top of that, Theroux's spokesperson told us the site's spin was "false."

Sienna Miller became the woman du jour in June, after she and Theroux both attended a party in New York. OK! Australia insisted he "only had eyes" for the actress, and noted they seemed "at ease with other as they posed" for photos. Theroux was described by the tabloid as a "classic ladies' man and flirt," yet no evidence was provided that he and Miller were flirting. But the magazine still asked, "So is this another case of 'just friends' or could there be something more between the two?" Gossip Cop investigated, and a Miller confidante told us they were indeed "just friends." In fact, People also observed that Miller and Theroux were seen hanging together, but stressed how he had been "spending time with a host of famous friends" in recent months.

Unfortunately, that's part of the problem. These platonic outings often provide fodder for the gossip media, which then sensationalize the hangouts into blossoming romances. Of course, as the Jolie example shows, sometimes Theroux doesn't even need to be seen with a woman for the tabloids to concoct relationship stories. But not only were each of these dating rumors phony when they came out, as Gossip Cop had said in each instance, but the passage of time has now made their falsity even more clear.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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