Is Justin Theroux really doing a reality show in the wake of his split from Jennifer Aniston? A new tabloid report claims he wants the series to focus on his single life. But Gossip Cop has learned the story is not true.

"Justin Goes Off Script," reads a headline in the latest edition of OK!. The article begins, "Tell the 'Real Housewives of New York City' to move over: Sources say Justin Theroux is eyeing his own Big Apple reality show." A so-called "pal" is quoted as saying, "He wants to star in a series about life as a single man in NYC."

It's alleged Theroux is "pitching himself as 'the Anthony Bourdain of hipster living.'" Nothing is said about the fact that Bourdain recently took his own life. As for what the show would "entail," the purported friend contends, "Justin has great taste in fashion, music, food and art, so cameras would follow him around to his favorite spots." The magazine doesn't say to whom Theroux is "pitching himself," or when the project could air.

Instead, the outlet concludes, "Let's see if his cool cred is enough to make it happen." The actor's "cool cred" actually has nothing to do with it. The series is not going to happen because Theroux has no intention of making a show about his life, single or otherwise. While the publication relies on an unnamed "pal" for its unsubstantiated claims, a spokesperson for "The Leftovers" star tells Gossip Cop on the record it's "false" that he wants to do his own reality show.

Theroux is a known fan of "The Bachelor," as is Aniston, but he has never expressed any interest in actually starring on a reality program. He does have a bromance going with the guys of "Queer Eye," so perhaps the most fans can hope for is a cameo on the Netflix series. After all, that program has a lot to do with fashion and food, too.

It shouldn't be surprising that OK! got this tale wrong considering the misinformation it has spread in the past. Nearly a year ago, the tabloid falsely announced Aniston was pregnant and Theroux was going to become a dad. The couple split months later, and the actress obviously never had his baby.

More recently, the magazine claimed last month that Aniston was trying to buy Theroux's silence, and that he was likely to "play ball." Tellingly, this new piece about doing a reality show focused on his life as a "single man" doesn't address that alleged "gag order." No matter, there was no post-split deal being negotiated then, and there's no TV series in the works now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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