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A new report claiming Justin Theroux is already "moving on" with a stylist named Chloe Hartstein following his split from Jennifer Aniston is not true. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this inaccurate report about Theroux and his alleged new woman. We're told "nothing is going on" between the two.

In Touch begins it off-base article by declaring, "That was fast." The tabloid then maintains Theroux "is already moving on" with Hartstein. How does it know? Well, the magazine contends "The Leftovers" star was spotted "flirting" with Hartstein, with whom he's worked professionally in the past. Suspiciously, the same "insider" who supposedly witnessed Theroux "flirting" with the stylist also happens to purportedly be tight with Aniston. The publication's tipster asserts the former "Friends" star isn't surprised by Theroux's flirtatious behavior, though "it has always driven Jen up the wall."

From there, In Touch simply exposes how out-of-touch it actually is. The often disproven tabloid adds that "while Justin is busy cozying up to Chloe, Jen has turned to her ex-husband Brad Pitt." A so-called "source" is quoted telling the magazine that Aniston and Pitt are "definitely getting serious again." The same seemingly fabricated insider exclaims, "They were meant to be back together!" And while that would be interesting if one were reading a romance novel, the reality is that it's all a bunch of lies.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Pitt and Aniston have not seen each other in a long time, nor have they been in contact since she separated from Theroux. And they most assuredly are not rekindling. The claim from the outlet's supposed "source" that they're "getting serious again" just underscores how reluctant the tabloid is to fact-check its stories, and yet how readily it prints falsehoods.

Regardless of how provably wrong that narrative is, Theroux is not "moving on" with Hartstein. Gossip Cop has reached out to her for a comment but has yet to hear back. And while the tabloid's entire is predicated on a nameless and seemingly fabricated "source," Theroux's rep unequivocally tells Gossip Cop on the record there is "nothing is going on" between the actor and the stylist.

Of course, the magazine has been wrong about Theroux and Aniston for years. In December 2012, for instance, we busted the publication for wrongly reporting in a cover story that Aniston was "pregnant" and that Theroux was "telling their friends" they were expecting. That same untrue storyline was repeated over and over, including on a June 2016 cover that declared, "Jen's Finally Pregnant." Once again another questionable source was quoted as saying, "She and Justin are ecstatic" about their supposed baby news.

And only a week ago, the magazine embarrassed itself again with another bogus cover that proclaimed Pitt and Aniston were having "secret sleepovers." As we noted then, that too was nothing more than tabloid fiction. Rather than churning out one phony tale after another involving Aniston and Theroux, it's time the tabloid starts "moving on" to better sources and reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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