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Justin Theroux and Laura Harrier are not dating, despite a new tabloid report that maintains they're "more than friends." Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim, which began to make the rounds last week when they were spotted together in Paris. We're told by Harrier's camp that it's simply "not true."

According to this week's Life & Style, while in France on October 1, Harrier and Theroux spent a day "shopping and soaking up the sights in the City of Love before returning to the Ritz Hotel." The reference to Paris as the "City of Love" was clearly to give the impression their relationship is romantic. For the record, however, Paris is actually called the "City of Lights." Also, while the magazine says they went back to the Ritz Hotel, it has no proof whatsoever that they shared a room.

Anyway, to bolster its narrative that they're a couple, the tabloid trots out an unnamed (and possibly made-up) "source," who conveniently tells the magazine, "It's new, but they are dating." The alleged "insider" also offers, "They are having a lot of fun together."

While padding out its article, the publication accidentally reveals it actually knows very little about Theroux. At one point in its report, the magazine contends Harrier is "just one of a slew of women Justin's been link to" since splitting with Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid then lists Theroux's women as Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn, and artist Petra Collins, among others. However, the actor never dated any of those ladies.

Significantly, Life & Style claims Harrier and Theroux are having "a lot of fun," but other than a couple of times they've been seen together, the tabloid furnishes no specific information about them dating. There's nothing about how many times they've gone out together or where. That's because Theroux and Harrier are not dating. And it's not just Gossip Cop saying it. The actress's rep, speaking on her behalf, tells us on the record that all claims about them being in a relationship are "not true."

Gossip Cop understands how outlets can jump to conclusions, considering Theroux and Harrier were spotted together in May in the South of France, but as brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, they were both there for the fashion house's Cruise 2019 show. And this time around, the reason Theroux and the Spider Man: Homecoming star were in Paris was to similarly support Louis Vuitton. On October 2, they both attended the label's Paris Fashion Week show for its womenswear spring/summer 2019 collection. Basically, they're just work friends.

It should be noted the tabloid doesn't have a good track record when reporting about Theroux. Just one month ago, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it wrongly asserted in a cover story that Theroux was being seduced by Angelina Jolie, as part of revenge on Aniston. We also corrected the outlet in May when it falsely maintained Theroux was "moving in" with Emma Stone, yet another platonic pal and Louis Vuitton ambassador. And before that nonsense, Gossip Cop corrected the publication when it ran another cover story that similarly and untruthfully alleged Theroux and Selena Gomez were "more than friends" and were dating.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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