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Justin Theroux does not have "the hots" for Jennifer Lopez, contrary to a new claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the untrue story. It doesn't even make much sense.

The allegation comes from RadarOnline, which contends Theroux is a "serial dater" who now has "the major hots" for Lopez, even though she's been in a serious relationship with Alex Rodriguez for more than a year. A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Justin's got it in his head that he and J.Lo shared a moment back when he was with Jennifer [Aniston] and he wants to test the waters by asking her out." What exactly was that "moment"?

The site claims Theroux "began his playful flirtations" when he and Aniston photobombed the singer at the 2015 Academy Awards, as seen in a picture Lopez posted on Instagram at the time. She wrote in the caption, "Photo bombed by my favorite couple Jennifer and Justin #Oscars." It's unclear why Theroux would consider that a "moment" between them, or even characterize it as a "flirtation." It was a silly interaction involving his significant other.

But the blog maintains Theroux now wants to pursue Lopez at all costs. "It doesn't bother him that she's serious with A-Rod, in fact he sees that as a challenge. The guy's ego is off the charts, especially after all the success he's had lately with hotties like Emma Stone and Sienna Miller," contends the untraceable source. But what "success" has Theroux had with those two women? Stone told WWD that Theroux is "like my brother," and even outlets like People have noted that Theroux and Miller have been hanging out as friends, nothing more.

The website digs itself into a deeper hole when it asserts "things looked to be heating up between" Theroux and Stone, "especially after the two were spotted together on a French vacation." If things were "heating up" with them, why would he now be trying to date Lopez? Making this tale more confusing, the online publication throws in, without evidence, that "there's always the lingering chance" he and Aniston "may rekindle their romance." Adds the wishy-washy site, "But JLo may prove to be his biggest high."

To recap, the blog claims Theroux has "the hots" for Lopez, and that they shared a "moment" three years ago... that involved Aniston. Then the website muddies the waters with false claims about Theroux being involved with Stone and Miller, and randomly alleges Aniston could still be in the picture, too. How much sense does this make? Approximately none at all.

On top of the obvious flaws, including the outlet's reliance on a single, unnamed "insider," Gossip Cop spoke on the record with Theroux's spokesperson, who tells us on his behalf that this narrative is "false." It should also be noted that not even the "serial dater" descriptor holds up. Theroux has only had relationships with two women in the last decade, and one of those was with Aniston. Despite what RadarOnline wants readers to believe, Lopez hasn't been on his radar, and still isn't.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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