Justin Theroux “Blown Away” By Jennifer Aniston InStyle Shoot Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Theroux Reaction Jennifer Aniston InStyle

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Justin Theroux Reaction Jennifer Aniston InStyle

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A story about Justin Theroux being “blown away” by Jennifer Aniston’s InStyle shoot was made-up. It is now the third time a certain site has claimed to know how a big celebrity reacted to Aniston’s new cover story. Gossip Cop can bust this apparent fabrication.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Aniston is the cover star for InStyle‘s September issue. When her interview and photo spread was released online on Wednesday, it largely dominated the celebrity news world as it marked her first interview since she and Theroux split in February. To capitalize on all the interest, HollywoodLife has been making up related stories.

First, the blog purported to know Brad Pitt’s reaction to Aniston’s shoot. Then it spread fake news about Angelina Jolie’s supposed reaction to Aniston’s interview. And now there’s a third offering that further exploits the subject. The focus here is on Theroux, and the website wants readers to believe that a “source close to Justin told HL exclusively how much he’s ‘missing’ her!”

“Justin’s seen all the pictures [from InStyle] and he’s blown away by how sexy Jen looks,” claims this untraceable snitch, who adds, “He kind of misses her and is suffering major FOMO.” He “kind of” misses her and has a fear of missing out on the woman he separated from six months ago? Uh, okay. But then the outlet doesn’t want readers to “assume” Theroux “wants her back.”

Contends the unnamed tipster, “They’re genuinely still really good friends but that’s it. There’s no talk of getting back together.” Rather, the publication’s “source” maintains, it’s just that “they’re still each other’s biggest cheerleaders.” Then where was this “source” when Aniston signed on to not one, but two Netflix movies in recent months? There was no expression of public support then. And if it’s just about a physical attraction, why were there no comments from a “source” last week when Aniston was photographed lounging in a bikini?

This is the bottom line: HollywoodLife is seemingly so desperate to capture online traffic related to Aniston’s cover story, it is manufacturing reactions supposedly from this person and that one. But in all three cases, the quotes don’t make much sense when examined closely. And not one reputable outlet is corroborating the assertions with similar reports. These claims are only coming from a site that been caught so many times making things up that its nickname is HollywoodLies.

However Theroux does or doesn’t feel about Aniston’s shoot, positive or negative, fans shouldn’t expect to get genuine insight from this particular blog. After all, if the website really had a “source” as alleged, it wouldn’t have wrongly issued a “new couple alert” for Theroux and Aubrey Plaza earlier this year, and it wouldn’t have spread bogus tabloid claims about Theroux dating Selena Gomez. The outlet repeatedly proves it can’t be trusted, and this time is no different.


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