Justin Theroux Demands Jennifer Aniston ‘Cut Off All Communication’ With Brad Pitt?

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By Michael Lewittes |


Justin Theroux is demanding Jennifer Aniston “cut off all communication” with Brad Pitt, reports Now magazine. The tabloid claims the exes are “in regular contact,” supposedly texting and calling each other weekly, and Theroux is “uncomfortable” with their close relationship.

But now Aniston has allegedly given in to Theroux and agreed to cut ties with Pitt. A supposed “source” for Now reveals, “Jen feels she owes Justin if she’s going to encourage him to have a baby, so she agreed.” That’s a bizarre agreement, but OK.

Anyhow, the purported mag insider says, “She contacted Brad while he was filming in Europe and told him they had to stop calling.”

“Brad’s advice and friendship mean a lot to her,” notes the source, who adds, “But she deeply loves Justin and really wants to make him happy.”

Let’s just stop right there. Here’s what’s true about the tab’s story: Aniston and Pitt were once married. Here’s what’s not: EVERYTHING ELSE. For starters, the notion that Aniston and Pitt call and text each other weekly is just silly. While there’s certainly no drama between the pair, the idea that they’re “besties” is completely BOGUS. And the claim that Pitt could cause problems in Aniston and Theroux’s relationship is similarly FALSE.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Theroux, who simply laughed off the mag’s nonsense. Aniston and Pitt have long moved on from their 2005 split — why can’t the tabloids?


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