Justin Theroux Teases “The Leftovers” Series Finale On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Justin Theroux Good Morning America The Leftovers Series Finale

By Holly Nicol |

Justin Theroux Good Morning America The Leftovers Series Finale


Justin Theroux appeared on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America,” where he spoke about the series finale of “The Leftovers.” Watch the video below!

The actor spoke to the “GMA” panel during a live segment on the morning show about the final episode of HBO’s “The Leftovers.” On what happens during the highly-anticipated series finale, Theroux teased, “It was one of those awkward things where we weren’t allowed to talk about what was going on, but I’m very happy with how we ended our show.”

Michael Strahan went on to read the official synopsis of the last ever episode to Theroux, which seemingly provided little explanation about the show’s upcoming finale. “‘The Book of Nora’ is the final episode of ‘The Leftovers,’ nothing is answered, everything is answered, and then it ends,” Strahan said, prompting him to ask the actor if fans of the program would be satisfied with the ending. “I can say this. I was very happy with the way the show ended, enormously,” Theroux noted.

Theroux even admitted to not revealing the ending of the show to his wife Jennifer Aniston. “Jennifer does not know what’s going to happen,” he said. “She’s a fan of the show, so she didn’t want to know what would happen. She wouldn’t even run lines with me.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Theroux spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about “The Leftovers” earlier this year, where he told the talk show host about the painful injuries he sustained while filming his stunt-filled program. “I went to the emergency room every single season of this show. I broke a finger lifting something heavy and snapped my tendon,” he said. Watch the “GMA” video below!

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