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Justin Theroux does not have a "new girlfriend" following his split from Jennifer Aniston, despite a report. A website is speculating the actor is dating a so-called "mystery brunette" simply because he was spotted grabbing coffee with a woman. A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop that's not the case.

Last weekend, Theroux was photographed chatting with a pretty brunette outside of a New York City cafe. Various outlets theorized the actor was romantically involved with the woman, but his rep assured us she's "just a friend." Despite the romance rumors already being debunked, Celebrity Insider is now jumping on the bandwagon, even going as far as to say Theroux "found himself a new girlfriend."

The unreliable blog stated that Theroux was "with a mystery brunette... sparking rumors that he's already found love months after ending things with Aniston." For starters, the brunette isn't even a "mystery." The woman was identified as model Erika Cardenas, who the actor met at the gym. Had the site bothered to do a tiny bit of research, it would have learned this information.

The outlet then regurgitates false claims about Theroux being "linked" to other woman such as Aubrey Plaza, adding, "so it's unclear whether or not he's serious about starting another relationship." But the actor isn't romantically involved with any of the woman the tabloids decided he was dating, including Plaza, who's been in a relationship with director Jeff Baena for more than five years.

As for Cardenas, a spokesperson for Theroux told us on the record she's "just a friend" and their coffee outing was most assuredly "not a date." People also confirmed Theroux's platonic relationship with the model, noting, "There is no romantic relationship, just a friend from the gym."

Unfortunately, Celebrity Insider frequently spreads lies about Theroux's estranged wife, so we're not too shocked the actor is being targeted as well. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop called out the blog for repeating a bogus In Touch story about Aniston meeting Brad Pitt's children. Only, the actress hasn't seen her ex-husband in a very long time, let alone spent time with his kids.

Shortly before that nonsense, the blog echoed a made-up In Touch report insisting that Aniston "will always be" Pitt's "greatest love." There's a pattern here. One of the tabloids comes up with a false narrative about a celebrity, Gossip Cop debunks it, and then Celebrity Insider regurgitates the original premise anyway. This latest article surrounding Theroux's nonexistent "new girlfriend" is yet another example.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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