Is Justin Theroux moving on from Jennifer Aniston with model Erika Cardenas? A new report claims the actor is having a "fling." But Gossip Cop is exclusively told by Theroux's rep that the story is "false."

According to an "insider" for RadarOnline, Theroux and Cardenas have been "eyeing each other for some time" after meeting through their gym, and are now "flirting up a storm." Contends the site's supposed source, "They'd stop and chat while resting between sets... and now they're hanging out." The alleged tipster maintains "it's clear she likes him," but provides no evidence as to what makes it "clear."

The blog also claims to have photos of the pair "canoodling," but the paparazzi pictures, which circulated widely earlier this month, merely show Theroux and Cardneas chatting on a Manhattan street. They aren't even touching one another. Still, the website alleges Theroux "seems to find her attractive," and the questionable "insider" purports to know Cardenas is "nothing like Jen." Claims the specious snitch, "She's voluptuous and bubbly in that New York way."

All that said, it's alleged Theroux isn't "looking for a serious relationship," with the supposed source insisting, "Justin's playing the field... and enjoying being let loose from Jen's leash. Commitment material, no. Fling material, yes!" But while it's true Theroux isn't ready to jump back into a committed relationship less than three months after his separation from Aniston, this still isn't an accurate characterization of his love life.

For starters, contrary to the claims here, "Entertainment Tonight" reported last month that despite dating rumors, Theroux is still "heartbroken" and "reeling" over his split with Aniston, and is actually "not one to play the field." And in the wake of Theroux and Cardenas taking a walk together, People specifically noted there's "no romantic relationship" between them, which Gossip Cop confirmed with his rep as well. But in light of this new story, Gossip Cop investigated again.

No one with whom we spoke could corroborate the online publication's claims about a blossoming romance. Additionally, Theroux's spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record that the outlet's spin is "false," stressing that there's "no fling" going on. Notably, RadarOnline has also wrongly linked Theroux to Emma Stone and Selena Gomez in recent weeks. The blog seems to be in a rush to hook Theroux up with other women, but perhaps the website would be better off slowing down and fact-checking.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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