Justin Theroux Talks “The Leftovers,” Jennifer Aniston On “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (VIDEO)

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Justin Theroux Ellen DeGeneres Show Video

By Holly Nicol |

Justin Theroux appears on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where he talks about the current season of “The Leftovers” and reveals how he and Jennifer Aniston celebrated her birthday. Check out the video below!

The actor, who is currently starring in the third and final season of HBO’s “The Leftovers,” tells DeGeneres how he and Aniston celebrated her 48th birthday in Mexico. “We went to Cabo San Lucas, sat in the sun and had a little party. We had a little piñata, gave her some gifts, and that was about it. Low key,” Theroux says.

DeGeneres goes on to talk about Theroux’s ever-changing beard, but the actor admits his wife isn’t the biggest fan of extreme facial hair. “I grew it back for ‘The Leftovers’ season three,” he explains. “She’ll like it for about a month and then she’s like, ‘OK, you have to get rid of it.’ Then I’m like, ‘No, I actually have to keep the beard now for the whole show.'” Theroux continues, “The first season I had to have stubble for the entire season and that was torture for her. [But] now it’s soft.” “Of course, it’s like kissing sandpaper,” DeGeneres jokes.

Theroux also tells DeGeneres about the painful injuries he has sustained while filming his stunt-filled show. “I went to the emergency room every single season of this show. I broke a finger lifting something heavy and snapped my tendon,” he says, prompting the talk show host to show the actor her x-ray from when she recently dislocated her finger. “That looks more painful than mine. You definitely win,” Theroux jokes. Watch the full interview below!

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