Justin Theroux, Elizabeth Hurley NOT In “Hot New Romance,” Despite Report

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Elizabeth Hurley Justin Theroux Dating

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Elizabeth Hurley Justin Theroux Dating

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Justin Theroux and Elizabeth Hurley are not in a “hot new romance” or any type of romance, despite a new report. The claim, which has been parroted by a number of websites and tabloids, is based on speculation and not facts. Gossip Cop, however, can once again correct this inaccurate premise.

According to In Touch, Theroux is “smitten” with Hurley after the two were at the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix last weekend. The magazine notes the stars were photographed at “three different times at events” for the auto race in Morocco. An unnamed “source” for the tabloid then asserts without any doubt, “They were definitely into each other. ”

The same anonymous tipster lists some of the attributes that made Hurley attractive to Theroux, including how she’s “worldly, smart, sexy and her… accent.” “Justin was completely smitten with Liz,” maintains the unidentifiable source, without any evidence or proof. Hurley “checks all the right boxes for Justin,” even though since his split from Jennifer Aniston he’s “dated a bunch of younger woman,” concludes the alleged insider, who apparently not only witnessed the actor in Morocco, but amazingly also supposedly knows his dating history.

From there, the magazine contends Theroux has “sparked romance buzz” since his separation from Aniston with Selena Gomez, Chloe Hartstein, Alexa Chung, Emma Stone, Petra Collins, Laura Harrier and Aubrey Plaza. Gossip Cop busted that same outlet when one of its purported sources falsely claimed Theroux was dating Hartstein, a stylist. His rep said it was untrue, and of course time has proven that to be the case. And the spokesperson also shot down talk of Theroux dating Harrier.

Gossip Cop also corrected phony stories about Theroux wanting to have a baby with Chung, who he wasn’t even seeing. Additionally, we debunked bogus claims about Theroux dating Aubrey Plaza, who has a boyfriend. Nor were tales about Theroux dating Petra Collins accurate following his split from Aniston. And Gossip Cop nailed In Touch’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, when it wrongly reported Theroux was dating Gomez and Stone.

Basically, Theroux was not romantically involved with any of those women the tabloid mentioned. And yet it wants us to believe its alleged “source” has intel on the actor’s feelings for Hurley. Gossip Cop was assured a few days ago how articles about Hurley and Theroux embarking on a romance weren’t true, and despite bogus reports from the usual suspects like Celebrity Insider, we’re once again told by a mutual friend of ours and the actor that it’s still false.

It bears pointing out how Theroux and the British actress weren’t photographed having any private dinners or secretly grabbing drinks while in Marrakesh. As the often discredited outlet itself notes, they were photographed at “three different times at events” for the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix last weekend. A skeptic might argue they were possibly compensated for their attendance, and being both actors with friends in common, that’s why they hung out together and weren’t spotted anywhere else unrelated to the auto race.


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