Is Justin Theroux dating Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and more stars at the same time? A new report claims he's been on dates with "seven women in seven days." But Gossip Cop can explain how this narrative is provably false.

The bogus story can be found in the latest issue of the National Enquirer, which contends, "Hound dog Justin Theroux has been caught romancing seven women in seven days." The gossip magazine alleges he "started out by cozying up" to Emma Stone, "then went on to hook up with British beauties" Sienna Miller and Zoe Buckman.

Continues the outlet, "His little black also included a rendezvous on a yacht in France with actress Laura Harrier, meeting up with actress Olivia Munn, sharing a table for two with model Erika Cardenas and a night at the theater with Selena Gomez." But while Theroux has been seen with most of these stars, he wasn't on "dates" with any of them, nor did he hang out with them all over the course of "seven days."

One by one, Gossip Cop can address how each "romance" claim is untrue. Theroux and Stone spent time together in France in late May after they were both invited to attend Paris Fashion Week as brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Though multiple sightings of the "Maniac" co-stars together led to speculation they were dating, Stone told WWD during that time that Theroux is "like my brother."

While in France, they also hung out with Harrier and Miller. Gossip Cop already busted claims about Theroux and Miller dating, and "Entertainment Tonight" did a story on Theroux's hangout with Harrier in which it was specifically stressed, "Justin is not in a relationship." And it was through Miller that Theroux crossed paths with Buckman, as both he and David Schwimmer's estranged wife supported the actress at a charity event in June for International Medical Corps.

Meanwhile, in March Munn pre-emptively shut down dating rumors after learning that In Touch planned to run a story about them being in a relationship, even though such a claim was and remains untrue. Additionally, contrary to what the National Enquirer wants readers to believe, they have not been seen "meeting up." And as opposed to "sharing a table for two" with Cardenas, she and Theroux were simply seen walking and chatting in New York City in April. People even reported, "There is no romantic relationship, just a friend from the gym."

As for the purported "night at the theater" with Gomez, that was actually a day trip that included other people. As Gossip Cop has explained multiple times, in May their mutual manager Aleen Keshishian showed off on Instagram how she took several clients to see Billy Crudup in an off-Broadway show. She also represents Crudup. This was a friendly get-together among peers, not a date night (or day) for Theroux and Gomez.

Conclusion: The National Enquirer is claiming Theroux was "caught romancing seven women in seven days," but these gatherings actually took place over the course of several months (April, May, June). In the case of Munn, he didn't even step out with her at all. And with Stone, Miller, Buckman, Harrier, Cardenas and Gomez, none of those outings were actually "dates" or had anything do with a "romance," as multiple outlets have reported. Simply because Theroux has been seen with various females in the wake of his February separation from Jennifer Aniston, the gossip media has been quick to issue "new couple alerts" every time. But all of these claims have been wrong, just as the National Enquirer is wrong now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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