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Much like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux has been at the center of a number of wrong dating rumors since their February split. But unlike the cases with his estranged wife, where most of the claims are manufactured out of thin air, many of the romance narratives about the actor have been sparked by platonic sightings. Check out five examples below.

Less than a month after Aniston and Theroux announced their breakup, Star claimed he had been cheating on her with Petra Collins "for some time." As evidence, the tabloid pointed to an Instagram post in which Theroux tagged Collins a week before he and Aniston split. Of course, that proved they shared a friendship, not a secret relationship. Furthermore, it had already been reported that neither Aniston nor Theroux cheated, and their separation had nothing to do with a third party. Gossip Cop also spoke with a rep for Collins, who maintained it was "definitely not true" that she and Theroux were romantically involved.

In late March, HollywoodLife issued a "new couple alert" for Theroux and Aubrey Plaza after they were seen together on a Manhattan street. The website speculated he "may already be moving on" from Aniston, even though it admitted that Theroux and Plaza "didn't flaunt any PDA or even touch" in the pictures paparazzi snapped of them. Had the blog done some investigating before jumping to conclusions, it could've learned, as Gossip Cop did, why they were together: Theroux and Plaza met up to innocently discuss a work project, not to have a rendezvous. We further reported, and People confirmed, that not only were Theroux and Plaza not dating, but she was still with her longtime boyfriend, Jeff Baena.

One of the more bizarre claims came in April, when OK! accused Theroux and Munn of hiding their nonexistent romance. Here's what happened: The previous month, Munn preemptively shot down dating rumors after she was notified that In Touch planned to run a story about her being in a relationship with Theroux. She made it clear that was claim "100 million percent not true," but the tabloid had the nerve to print its tale anyway. Then more than a month later OK! gallingly accused the stars of lying about not being involved. Of course, the magazine had no proof, just like the previous story was unsubstantiated, too. And while both outlets hid behind untraceable anonymous sources, both Munn as well as Theroux's own spokesperson were on the record denying there was anything between them. They were never even seen together.

By May, publications turned their focus to Selena Gomez. Life & Style ran a cover announcing she and Theroux were "more than friends," but sold its story with a lie. As Gossip Cop explained, the tabloid took a picture of Gomez at a charity gala last November, and through digital editing, replaced the man with whom she was posing with an unrelated photo of Theroux from a film premiere in September. And the only reason this article was concocted was because Gomez and Theroux had recently joined their mutual manager, as well as other stars, at an off-Broadway show. But just days prior, "Entertainment Tonight" reported that in the wake of Gomez's split from Justin Bieber, she was focusing on herself and not interested in a "serious relationship."

And in June, just last week actually, the magazine abandoned its Gomez storyline to allege Theroux was moving in with Emma Stone. After being seen hanging out together multiple times, a so-called "insider" cited by the outlet claimed "The Leftovers" star would be taking up residence at her Los Angeles home, even though one of the reasons he and Aniston split was because he preferred to be in New York. The purported tipster even predicted they "could definitely become Hollywood's next power couple." But Gossip Cop was told by the Oscar winner's side that she and Theroux were "not romantically involved." In fact, Stone herself told WWD less than a month ago that Theroux is "like my brother."

Most of these instances show that it is not wise to read into Theroux being seen with this girl or that one. And in the case of Munn, it's clear the gossip media has no qualms about peddling misinformation when the truth is readily available. That's why Gossip Cop will continue to call out the wrong rumors as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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