Justin Theroux Set Up Courteney Cox With Will Arnett?

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Justin Theroux Courteney Cox set up Will Arnett

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Theroux Courteney Cox set up Will Arnett

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Justin Theroux did not set up Courteney Cox with Will Arnett, despite a new report, published in one of the tabloids this week. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the inaccurate story. We’re told the claim is entirely “false.”

According to Star, Theroux “tried to help take [Cox’s] mind off the breakup” with Johnny McDaid by introducing her to Arnett. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Once Jennifer [Aniston] gave him the green light, he put Courteney in touch with Will Arnett.” The magazine further claims that after “hitting it off” on the phone, Cox and Arnett had a “romantic dinner” at The Palm restaurant in Los Angeles to “see if sparks could fly in person.”

“Courteney was smitten. Will had her laughing all night,” the tabloid’s seemingly fake source is quoted as saying, before adding, “She said he was exactly what she needed after Johnny.” Explaining why the two haven’t been photographed since, the magazine’s phony source conveniently claims, “Courteney was so upset when Will never called for a second date.”

Besides all the magazine’s quotes sounding incredibly manufactured for its own purpose, we’re told the entire story is off-base. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported in late December when we first busted TMZ for its inaccurate report, Cox and Arnett did not go on a date. As friends of both of theirs assured Gossip Cop at the time, the two are “just friends.”

And not only is the premise that Arnett and Cox went on a “romantic dinner” completely untrue, but the claim that Theroux was the matchmaker is also bogus. A rep for Theroux exclusively tells Gossip Cop, it is “false.”

Mind you, Star is the same magazine that Gossip Cop busted when it wrongly reported just five days before the Cox and Arnett dinner that she was “hooking up” with her former “Friends” co-star Matthew Perry. It’s also the same unreliable tabloid we have repeatedly corrected for such falsehoods as its cover story several months ago that claimed Theroux was “over” with Aniston and going to “fight for joint custody” of their supposed “baby.” Naturally, neither of those stories about Theroux and Cox were remotely true, and the same applies to the latest tale about him setting up his wife’s best friend with Arnett.


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